How to Train Your Dragon 2

How To Train Your Dragon 2 – Review

The movie of the same name will be out soon and therefore the game is out.  This has been out for a multitude of platforms and we have the 3DS version here. The question is whether this is any good? Well...
Kirby Triple Deluxe - Review Image

Kirby Triple Deluxe – Review

It's been quite awhile since anybody has seen a proper traditional Kirby platformer on a hand-held console. It's always been either a spin-off or slight deviation from the original formula. Using the engine...
Hometown Story 2

Hometown Story – Review

Anyone who is a gamer knows the name of Yasuhiro Wada, he is the genius behind the ridiculously addictive games in the Harvest Moon franchise. So when a game pops up with his name on it then chances are it is...

Cut The Rope: Triple Treat – Review

Cut The Rope is one of the most addictive and exciting games on mobile platforms. So it makes sense to bring this title to the handheld console crowd. Here we have “Cut The Rope: Triple Treat” for the...