• [Editors Note:  We have reviewed the DS version of Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns. When the company sent us this title for review purposes they didn’t realize that we only cover 3DS titles, not DS.  Since they were nice enough to send it we decided to review it anyways. As such we have placed this in the 3DS section.  It can obviously be played on the 3DS but was made with the DS in mind]

    There have been more Harvest Moon games than Germany winning penalty kicks.  Each new game seems a remake of the previous with new features, but is this a bad thing?  The millions of fans would say no.  The newest being Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns.  At its core it’s a farming and raising livestock game with nice graphics and hand drawn characters.  They show good animations and there is a pleasing yet mellow soundtrack throughout.  This game lends itself perfectly to the DS and 3DS and both versions are out.

    So your character sets off on a journey to his/her new farm.  You choose a boy/girl and your name as per usual as well as your birthday.  Your birthday is important because if you form good enough bonds with the town’s people they will bring gifts for your special day.  On the way to your farm you have an accident and two kind people are there to help you.  It just so happens that the people are mayors of two different towns. The burg of Bluebell specialises in livestock and the town of Konohana is all about cultivation of crops.  It’s here where you have your first task, to choose which town to live in.  A point to mention here is that once you choose one town you can still visit the other and even move to the other within a couple of weeks if you like.  Once you choose your town the mayor takes you to a farm and after you name your farm you are given the tour and lots of tutorials take place.  This section is very text heavy, but stick with it as you need these skills to be a success in this game.  A few days pass and you’re visited by a spirit who tells you the tale of these two towns.  Years ago a tunnel connected both the towns but after lots of arguing between the two the burgs created a cave in and collapsed the tunnel.  It’s your destiny to unite these two towns and set peace in the valley again.  Not award winning material but it’s believable and in the world of Harvest Moon it’s not that bad.

    The game’s screen show different aspects of the game.  The top screen is where the gaming takes place and the bottom is where you choose items, see your location, view the day and seasons, view the requests you have undertaken, look at your fishes and view your bag.  As with previous game you have a bag and its can hold pretty much anything.  An important icon to take note of is your stamina, here you need to have it topped up with food and plenty of sleep at night.  You also need to equip various tools for your crops and livestock; this is done with the R button and then pressing the A button to equip the tools selected.  Gold is earned by completing requests, which are present on the notice boards.  This game is all about forming friendships and bonds; these are done through festivals and contests.  You need to cook and make food in the weekly gourmet food contest to impress the other folk and other town.  What’s fun is that when you tend to your livestock you can even produce offspring and have lambs and calves running around and I will admit they look very cute.  Another way you can build bonds is to check your calendar for birthdays and go give them presents which gives you major points as well as a possible romance.

    This game is a nice change of pace as there is no killing, no zombies or mutants, spaceships or evil kings.  It’s a fun, simple game with lots of complex details within for those people wanting it.  For others this will be a simple farm sim and just something you turn on and get stuck in quickly.  Fans will love this as it’s the tried and tested formula with a twist.  Casual gamers may not really embrace this and I think it’s one more for the hardcore fans.  The graphics are nice, bright, calm and well made.  The DS or 3DS showcases this game well.  We have reviewed the DS version but I have heard the 3DS looks very nice with perfectly balanced 3DS visuals.  I like the various sounds and melodies that play during the background as they complement the game very well.  I would say this is a great game as I found it a welcome change from the monsters and guns.  It does calm you down a lot playing this game.

    This again is a game that most ages can pick up, younger gamers will like it as its simple, cute and bubbly.  Older gamers may like it due to the sheer number of collectibles, requests and all round stats to view and change.  Fans will be happy with this offering as it’s the same formula but with new bits thrown in.  The DS shows this in a nice light and really does feel like a game you can take and walk away with.  It’s also a time sink in that you won’t notice the amount of time you have been playing this and easily could be a few hours in before you notice.  Give this a try, it might be right up your farm.

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    The TotallyGN Verdict

    • Nice graphics, bright, happy and calming influence
    • Lots of requests and the farming, crops are as fun as always
    • Not that much different from previous games



    A good continuation of the Harvest Moon franchise and one that fans will enjoy

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    • Format: Nintendo DS,
    • Developer: Natsume,
    • Publisher: Natsume


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