• It goes without saying that the goal of any casino player is to not overspend on his gambling activities, but rather have fun and a good balance of winnings and loses to accompany. Since online casinos and poker rooms have become easy to access, it has made it more difficult to walk away like you would do in the case of Brick and Mortar casino. It is especially more difficult for people who work from home or have more free time. If you want to enjoy your gambling experience, then you need to master the art of managing your bankroll. In this post, we will be providing you with easy tips that will help you to limit your spending on gambling.

    Create a free Neteller account

    The first thing you need to do is to register a free Neteller account. Neteller is an e-wallet that is accepted by many casinos around the world.

    Set up a checking account

    Yes, the next step is to set up a checking account without a debit card and internet banking services. This will be your “secure account” and it is the account you will be using for your everyday banking needs. So, you will be using it to pay your bills and direct debits.

    When you receive your salary cheque, put it in your original bank account and then transfer over the whole amount except what you know you can comfortably play with to your secure account. That means that you will be left with an “entertainment allowance” in original bank account which you can access via the internet or with your credit card. When it dries out, that’s how it will remain until your next salary.

    Set up a daily maximum deposit limit

    You need to implement a daily maximum deposit limit on all your casino accounts that you use regularly. If the casinos are Microgaming casinos, the reason why you should do this is that Microgaming games that you find can be more variable at other casinos and you will want to make sure that you don’t end up chasing your losses.

    So, you can contact customer support at the online casinos you are playing and they will set up a daily deposit limit on your debit card. If you use recognized casinos, you can login to set up your daily limit and you will not be able to increase them again for the number of days you choose as your limit.

    Another feature offered by many casinos is called the “Reverse Withdrawal” period. This basically means that the casino will still give you access to your money for a certain number of hours after cashing out. Many players don’t like this feature because it is only there to entice them to lose their winnings once they run out of money. So, it is always recommended to play at casinos that don’t have this or those that can remove the Reverse Withdrawal feature altogether or reduce it to not more than one hour. Any casino that doesn’t this for you shouldn’t be in your list of consideration.

    Implement a “rolling cashout” policy

    To ensure that you have the best gambling experience and don’t cross your budget boundary in one day on a bad streak, you may want to implement a “rolling cashout” policy. You can cashout to your Neteller account as you invariably get the money quicker-the next day. You can also ask Neteller to remove the Credit Card deposit option in order to avoid temptation. You can then set targets as you pay and cashout as you hit the target. For instance, you start with $100 and set your target at $200. If or when you hit that, you will cash out $50 plus anything added above the $200, thus leaving you with $150 to continue wagering and the rest for another day.

    Last but not least, if you are playing slots, you need to understand how “variance” works. If the variance is lower, the risk becomes higher, but you will additionally hit less of the bigger wins and more of smaller ones. It is recommended to set lower cashout, maybe at 50%. If you increase your variance, your money will go faster, but you could win big if you are lucky. If you want to enjoy more and are comfortable aiming smaller profits, then stick low. On the other hand, if you have money to play, aim higher and pray that you win. But makes sure that you stick with the strategies we’ve highlighted in this post or you could easily burn it up.

    Basically, that’s what you need to know. Sometimes, you may want to set a time limit on your wagering sessions when you get a good sized win. Most importantly don’t increase your bets too much. However, sticking to the “rolling cashout” method we mentioned above prevents the need for this; therefore, you will want to stick to it wherever you can. This way, you will be able to enjoy more and you won’t ever regret using an online casino. You should also remember that some casino games are streaky by nature; therefore, knowing when to cashout is very important to the strategy.


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