• The highly addictive JPRG will have its Demo out on the 15th August on the Nintendo eShop, will you get this?

    Key features:
    Wealth of content:
    Engage in more than 30 hours of first- person RPG action and 3D dungeons.

    Lovable characters :
    Etrian Odyssey IV invites adventurers into another dimension of gameplay with enhanced graphics, featuring new character portraits and 3D enemies for the first time. Fly into the clouds for more: Players can upgrade their skyship to battle amongst the clouds. Dungeon delvers can also access one another’s guild cards and trade using the 3DS system’s StreetPass feature.
    – See more at: http://www.totallygn.com/3ds/etrian-odyssey-iv-legends-of-the-titan-release-date-confirmed/#sthash.A2twa0s6.dpuf

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