7TotallyGN Score

Wulverblade – Review

The Switch is slowly gaining steam with the number and variety of titles slowly becoming available. Aside from the Arcade Archives, there weren't many beat em' ups. Enter Wulverblade. While the game is also...
Culdcept Revolt
7.5TotallyGN Score

Culdcept Revolt – Review

The Culdcept series has been around since the PS1 and Saturn era, with many entries following since. Although the West has only gotten a handful since the PS2 entry. The games have always been about playing a...
SteamWorld Dig 2
9.5TotallyGN Score

SteamWorld Dig 2 – Review

SteamWorld Dig was a fun 2D version of what one could call a dungeon crawler, but it had a few weaknesses in it's design. You pretty much just dug deeper and deeper through the Earth without any rhyme or...
Warriors All-Stars
5.5TotallyGN Score

Warriors All-Stars – Review

As the run up to the release of Dynasty Warriors IX draws nearer, Koei Tecmo has continued to release Warriors games, regardless whether it's a follow up to the mainline series or Samurai Warriors, or a anime...
RPG Maker Fes
6TotallyGN Score

RPG Maker Fes – Review

There a bunch of different RPG Maker console releases over the years, but the last time one came to the West, it was for the PlayStation. It was also pretty bad, being extremely limited, and pretty ugly. Also,...
Sonic Mania
9.5TotallyGN Score

Sonic Mania – Review

Every year, there is a Sonic game, and the dreaded Sonic Cycle always seems to be self fulfilling. The game will either be decent but not great, or it will be a complete aberration like Sonic Boom for the Wii...