• So right off the bat I know what you’re thinking, this is a Pokémon clone. To a certain extent you would be correct in your assumption, some of the mechanics are very similar and the gameplay itself is once again pretty similar. There are slight differences however, the art style and graphics are slightly different and there are a few different mechanics and gameplay tweaks which the developers have added to try and differentiate this from core Pokémon titles.

    Nexomon Is the name of the game, and these are also the name of the creatures that you can catch, battle and trade. We start with a narration of the history of Nexomon and find out that a big bad king used to rule all over the land and control all of his fellow creatures. But the creatures banded together with humans and defeated him and now everybody lives in harmony, or do they? We join our protagonist in a ceremony to receive our first Nexomon, As we begin to do that a massive dragon attacks us and starts dealing damage to us and our friend who is a cat. We are saved by a girl in green hair and she gives you your first monster. Here right away we see a difference in the Pokémon games, in those games you are offered one of three types. Here you are offered one of all of the nine different types available. Now on the base of it it looks as this is a wonderful thing, you can choose your favourite and begin the game. However this is a clever mechanic because you don’t know what kind of creatures you will encounter so you don’t know which is the best match up.

    Altogether there are 381 of these creatures to collect, the beginning of the game is different to the Pokémon titles, however once you begin to play and start to encounter these creatures in the world it quickly becomes a very similar game. So in this game you don’t throw Poké Balls but you throw Nexotraps. You have to weaken them as you did before catch them, assign them to your team or send them to your storage device. There Is a slight difference in the catching mechanics however as once you throw your trap you then have a series of button prompts to press which will increase the likelihood of you catching your creature. It’s a novel idea but for me personally I found it to be tedious. This could be because I have been programmed by the Pokémon games I’m not sure.

    Another aspect that is a little different from the Pokémon games, is the frequency and the ability to catch as many Nexomon as you want. In the Pokémon games you can buy your Poké Balls for relatively cheaply and then go round and catch all of them in a single area and then move on. In this game however the traps are very expensive even at the start so you’re limited on how many you can actually catch versus the amount of money you actually have. The tailor battles that you undertake where you fight and battle other tamers are slightly different in their artificial intelligence because they are much more likely to switch out the creatures than in the Pokémon games. So they are slightly more intelligent I would say.

    Another difference is you don’t collect badges but you increase in guild ranks. You increase in these ranks by collecting and performing tasks. These are fine, and nothing special but I enjoy doing them for the first hour or so. hi graphically this is a very pretty game to look at. The creatures themselves are very nicely animated, bright and very well drawn. The scenery and the different areas you visit are all unique and different and I enjoy going through them. I also enjoyed the emoticons above the various non-playable characters and the whole game had a nice level of polish to it.

    In summary I would say the developers tried to make a game that is different from Pokémon. They tried to add mechanics that would give you a little bit more fun. They also tried to give you a good story with some twists here and there. I would say that they succeeded on giving you a nice story with lots of plot twists, however the gameplay and the battle mechanics for me fall short of the game trying to be different. Of course they’re going to be very similar in content and playability. Graphically this is a nice game and the sound is also pleasing to hear, the pricetag of £16.99 is justified because this is nowhere near as good as a Pokémon title and therefore should be nowhere near the price. Give it a try and see what you think, if however you’re after a monster catching game I would stick to Pokémon.

    Nexomon- Review
    A good attempt to be different but sadly falls short
    Overall all score5
    • Good graphics and sound
    • Too similar to its big brother but not as good
    5Overall Score
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