• God damn I love a sniper game and Sniper Elite 4 gives me more of what I like. However if you are a casual shooter fan will this game be for you? There are enough modes to please most shooter fans as well as great mechanics and the running and gunning aspect is also pretty well done. The graphics are beautiful with perfect lighting (most of the time). Textures stand out and the character animations are spot on. Sometimes some of the facial expressions go wrong but mostly it’s good. With world war 2 acting as the backdrop for the story Sniper Elite 4 is great at making each mission count and believable historically.

    Campaign should be your first port of call, as this is where the meat of the game is. As you begin a very short tutorial teaches you the basics of the game and away you go. Maps are mostly pretty large and you can play the game as you wish. There is no order in the way you achieve your objectives and there are many side missions which aid in the longevity and interest of each level. The aids and difficulty settings can be changed and this makes the game much harder and more realistic. As natural variations such as wind, distance, gravity and cover play a much more important role in the trajectory of each bullet. The bullets themselves become the star of the game.


    When you pick out a perfect shot, the game goes all slow motion and the camera moves with the bullet, right into the targets area of death and we are given a brutal X-ray real life bone/ tissue destruction of the unfortunate target. In total there are 8 campaign missions each between an hour or two. The better you do and the more side mission you complete the more currency you earn and the better items and weapons you can purchase. The level design is also very clever in that there are numerous ways to kill the enemy. Throw a rock and distract before a melee kill. Shoot the explosive or the truck and chain kill a few. Drop a pulley onto someone’s head or just get your machine gun out and go through the lot.

    This truly is a game that lets you play as you wish, with the cover based system working well most of the time. I found going from standing to crouching to laying down difficult as the commands were not entered as quick as I would have liked. There are many things to do in each level and sometimes just getting lost and stumbling on missions are people is fun too. Lots of collectibles are scattered through the levels as are medals and awards for doing this X number of times. Death really is a beautiful thing in Sniper Elite 4, If you plan thins properly then you can really sit back and watch them unfold.

    Apart from the single player there are a few multiplayer modes, the best being co-op. A friend and you can go after the enemy simultaneously. We stood at opposite ends of the map and just picked the guards off one by one. Taking shots one after another so thy kept changing their focus on the other person. Other mods include the survival mode which is just hoard mode from Gears of War and death matches as well as the free-for all. One aspect of multiplayer that is truly bespoke is that points are given for the furthest kills so you win the level by having the team with the most cumulative points and meters.

    If you are after a sniper game then this is it for sure, methodical, beautiful and deadly. The various settings keep the combat fresh and the modes on offer help with the longevity and overall completeness of package. X-ray deaths are still a thing of joy to get and this is quickly becoming my game of choice to turn to when I turn my Xbox On. Give this a try and you will be glad you did, one heck of a game here readers.

    Sniper Elite 4- Review
    A fantastic sniper game with lots of fun ways to kill.
    Our Score9.5
    • Massive Maps
    • Lots to do and find
    • If you dont like sniper games, you won't like this
    9.5Overall Score
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