• Twin stick shooters are everywhere, some use zombies, some of aliens, music whilst “We are all Doomed” uses sprites that are pleasing to the eye. This is very much a retro game and this is reflected in the design choices and the actual content as well. There really isn’t a story here, basically you’re a little round object with a nucleus and you shoot a ray of laser at the enemies to destroy them. You do this level after level until you finally release that yes indeed “we are all doomed” The pleasing nature of this title is obvious from the pastel colours and the smoothing music it employs. This is a twin stick shooter but not one that will get your heart racing but one that will allow you to smoothly move around and enjoy the delights of destroying everything.

    What follows is a nice game but it never actually changes into anything else sadly. When a wave is cleared you begin another. There is one power up here that is a giant laser and this is powered by little square you collect after destroying the enemies. Movement is very smooth and this allows for some nice moments of weaving in and out of enemy attack patterns. Most enemies will be destroyed by a touch of your laser beam whilst others need a concentrated dosage. What this title lacks is variation, there are no more weapons, no smart bombs and no other modes besides from endless and wave mode. It’s an odd technical choice because this could have been a much better title. There is a lot pf potential here but it’s very gets realised.

    Despite these issues, this is a fun title. It has the ingredients to be a very good twin stick shooter. It can get somewhat addictive and in spite of its shortcomings it’s actually good. Can it compete with Geometry wars? Sadly no in that it’s very limited to what it offers and in a crowded market place such as the twin stick shooter one it’s especially limited. If you are after a plain, simple yet pleasing to look at title this is your best choice. It doesn’t offer a vast amount of variation but it does have a nice feel to it and most importantly there are no bugs and the whole thing is very easy to pick up and play.

    The review was conducted thanks to code sent over by the good folks over at Xbox.

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