• Every gamer needs to have certain equipment to stay competitive and to be the best at their particular game. What you need to make your gaming experience may be different than other gamers depending on what you’re playing, who you will play against and what your ultimate goal is. If you’re playing poker, you may have the goal of winning quick cash. If you’re more interested in games like Battle Royale, your goal may be a more long-term strategy.

    Regardless of what game you play most, there are a few basics that every gamer should have.

    Multiple Monitors

    Many gamers find one monitor is simply not enough. Between needing a second screen for additional apps and the requirements of 4K gaming displays, at least one additional monitor can not only enhance your experience, but it can also help you improve your gaming skills. Being able to view the game screen at its best usually means using multiple monitors. Unless you’re fortunate enough to have a new super-wide screen, two and even three monitors are the best way to view your game in its entirety.

    Gaming Mouse

    Regardless of your skill level or your goals, one thing all gamers need is a good gaming mouse. Gaming mouses have controls on them that help you move about your game. These controls can be customized to your playing needs and habits and help you have a better overall experience when you play. They give more precision than a traditional mouse, which is essential when you’re trying to play a game. The best part of a gaming mouse is the ergonomic fit it allows. This keeps your hands at a natural angle and prevents them from tiring out too quickly, leading to longer play time.

    Good router

    None of the fancy gadgets and add-ons do much good if you don’t have a great connection to start with. Choosing a router should be the first item on your gaming needs list. If you have a great modem, you’ll only need to make sure that you find a great router that can handle the traffic in your home network. However, many places now sell wireless combo router/modems. These are the best option for gaming needs.

    Gaming Chair

    Every gamer should have a great chair to sit in. You can find gaming chairs for as little as $30 or as much as $1300. These chairs are designed to keep you healthy while sitting for long periods. They’re ergonomically correct, ensuring that you do not develop poor posture or injured backs from sitting in the wrong type of chair. Determine whether you need a chair that’s at desk height (if you play from a computer) or lowers to ground. Some of the more expensive chairs are tech savvy and help you play better by having controls built into the arm of the chair and other comfort-enhancing features.

    Now that you have the list of the most essential gaming items, you’re ready to set up your gaming space and start playing!

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