• 2019 was definitely a great year for gaming but as it is always the case in this industry, some games did not manage to live up to the huge hype generated before launch. This is exactly what we will focus on below. These are the huge 2019 gaming flops that left gamers wanting a refund.

    2019’s Huge Successes

    Apex Legends

    Released on February 4 for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC, the game instantly became a success because of its great gunplay. This is a battle royale game that takes elements from PUBG, Rainbow Six Siege, CS:Go and Titanfall. Then, everything is put into a game that is similar to a John Wick video. The game uses ping systems, verticality, character powers, great weapon design, 3v3s and a full bullet storm that can appear anywhere.

    A Plague Tale: Innocence

    The game tells you a story of 2 orphans, Hugo and Amicia. They are running away from the Black Death and the Inquisition in a fourteenth-century France setting. The narrative is grim and full of really beautifully-done scenes. Everything moves around like a puzzle and you do not even realize when you are emotionally pulled into the story. Every single companion, backdrop, alchemy element and maze you find are used. The game is truly rare in a storytelling narrative that is emotive.

    The Rise Of Mahjong Games

    When you play Mahjong games online, you can easily have fun even when on the move. This might be the reason why these games came back to popularity status. As incredibly complicated games appeared, those that are really simple made a huge comeback. Mahjong was the first in line.

    If you want to play Mahjong, you can easily enjoy it online, while on the run. You can even do it before you go to bed. Games are short and you will definitely have fun.

    A Short Hike

    This game was released for PC on July 30 and it was much more successful than anticipated. The game is all about simple life pleasures. Its main character is Claire, which is a bird that goes on a family trip. During her quest to look for reception as an important call needed to come in, the game moves in with great parts we saw in Animal Crossing, Breath of the Wild and Old Man’s Journey. Even the sadness is wonderful.


    Control can easily be described as being the brand new weird. The third-person shooter is featured in a world that seems to be built by Nolan, Lynch and Kubrick. The lead is female and her story is very complicated. You will be faced with supernatural threats and a beautiful story. Gamers go through mystery and sci-fi. Then, they use telekinetic powers, cursed mirrors, mold people and even flamingos. Hideo Kojima’s game is incredible.

    2019’s Huge Flops


    Anthem was supposed to be a huge hit, like Warframe and Destiny. EA basically promised that the story will be the most important part of the game. However, the result was buggy and the game was incomplete. Even its plot was sub-par. At the end of the day, the game was just heavily promoting the multiplayer part, without a great story.

    As a result, reviews from critics were really bad. Those from gamers were even worse.

    Jump Force

    Jump Force had the premise of success written all over it. This is because it featured Shonen’s iconic characters and the setting was the real world. Unfortunately, the game flopped because of different reasons.

    For starters, fighting was flashy in the trailers but quite inferior when the game was launched. Voice acting was bad and practically everything was inferior to the competition. In cutscenes, we saw motionless characters with an interaction that was simply devoid of life.

    Diehard anime fans might enjoy the game but overall, everything is sub-par.

    Left Alive

    Game developers are highly-focused on every single part of the gaming experience, from design to gameplay. The big problem with Left Alive was that it only focused on the design.

    Left Alive was a highly anticipated new Front Mission series entry from Square. It featured highly-acclaimed designer Yoji Shinkawa. Gamers expected to see the same smooth mechanics, mech and stealth they saw in Metal Gear Solid. This is not what they got. Gameplay mechanics were highly criticized, including unfair enemy AI, difficult AI, imprecise stealth, bad mission structure and much more.

    Crackdown 3

    Ever since people saw Terry Crews added and realized how long the gestation period is with Crackdown 3, it was stated that the game will be a huge flop or one of the best games of the year. Also, this game had to be really good because Microsoft did not have many high-quality exclusive lately.

    While Crackdown 3 did not fully fail since it is a fun game, it is definitely not the Xbox One exclusive that gamers would be really excited about. The game is flawed and can only be appealing to a limited number of people.

    Obviously, not all games need to be as great as Red Dead Redemption 2, but this is a clear example of a game that needed more modern gameplay.


    The game we mentioned above were huge flaws and huge successes when we compare them with what was expected based on previews and marketing campaigns. Obviously, there are many others that can be added to such a list and the year is still not over. There are many more games that are expected and that are eagerly awaited by gamers. Many of them will turn out to be flops, just like the ones highlighted. Only time will tell what games were good.

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