• Earlier this year a great cross over fighting game was released and it came to be one of the finest cross over titles ever. With that being the case Street Fighter X Tekken is now available on Vita as well, however, this is not just a port.  It features many Vita innovations that make this a must buy for fight fans on the go. The graphics are simply lush, no frame rate issues, in fact this runs just like the console versions and nothing graphically has been sacrificed. The controls have Vita specific functionality and the list of characters is staggering. Story wise this is same as before: a round object lands on Antarctic and seems to give out power, called Pandora. This see our fighters team up and go in search of the object for their own reasons. Doesn’t really make much sense but this is not really about the story anyways.

    If you don’t know how this game works, firstly why? Secondly this is a fighting game where two on two fights take place. The winner only needs to take out one fighter and win the rounds. The problem is you can tag in or out to replenish some health and bring in a fresh fighter. This tagging also lets you perform double moves and other fun moves. This game is also bigger than the console erosion as a mammoth 55 characters are available with the original ones from the console version and the 12 on DLC. This literally reads like a who’s who of the two respective series. You can team up anyone with anyone such as Ryu and Sagat or perhaps Bryan Fury and Blanka.  Any team is possible. Just mastering a team is a big enough task in itself but add to that the many modes and you have a kick ass game. Control wise this uses the light, medium and heavy system. Both kicks and punches have these variations much like other fighting games. This however has full Vita functionality whereby the front and pad touchpads/screens have been utilised. You can add four moves to invisible square on the front screen, then tap these squares to execute the moves.

    This is a great addition but I have to say some gamers will hate it.   It blocks the screen sometimes but nonetheless a good attempt to bring this to the Vita. The rear touchpad has been used for throws and launcher moves. Now this can either be flimsy and annoying or a great addition depending on the way you want to play. For me it did get in the way as I kept hitting the back by mistake and ended up throwing or rather trying to throw which left me open for attack. The game screen also shows your super meter at the bottom when once filled you can perform screen dazzling moves.  These look great and take a heck of a lot of health. This game also features the gem system as the console system does; gems are items that give you a big advantage during battle. You can equip three gems per character and two type of gems exist. Boost gems which affect characters parameters and boost damage. Assist gems make commands easier, making battles easier. There are other ways to customize your characters as well, quick combos let you quickly pull of combos as well as colour change to costumes.

    Modes here are aplenty; arcade mode lets you pick a team and play through the main story, versus is just that, network mode lets you go online and play against other players as well. I love the Cross platform ability where you can play this game with people on the PS3 and this opens up yet more choice and fun in this title.  You can also attend the challenges and learn how to pull of moves and be a better fighter. The AR mode is pretty cool as you can move your characters around the screen and take pictures of them in real life settings like your living room and use them. It’s a neat idea but doesn’t work all the time. When it does however it’s a real treat. Taking this bad boy online is where you will either love it or hate it.  Sometimes it may take a few mins to find a buddy to fight, when you do however it’s so much fun. Friends, non friends , the world is your park to go kick ass in. Did I mention you get an extra 38 costumes?  Well these are free and available, another good move by Capcom. There is a lot of good here but sadly some people may not like the menus, as they sometimes take a while to load. For me however this was fast and responsive and I especially love the fact that everything is touch. You can use the sticks, D pad or touch to navigate and so every audience is served.

    Overall this is a great game.  It will feel like just another port to some but to me this is a real fun game. It’s massive with the features is boasts, from AR to online to the massive list of characters. The controls are Vita friendly and depending on who you are and how you play you will really like or hate this. You can also change the size of the invisible buttons on the front screen or turn it off. The back allows you to swipe for throws and launcher moves which can be tuned off if you want. The online mode is class and once finding a player is done you can settle in anywhere you want and play. This is what the Vita is meant for, true gaming on the go.

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    The TotallyGN Verdict

    • Great fighting action on the go.
    • Fast and furious gameplay with a vast array of characters.
    • The touch controls may annoy some gamers.



    Street Fighter x Tekken Vita is the handheld fighter we have been craving. True gaming on the go.

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    • Format: Vita
    • Developer: Capcom
    • Publisher: Capcom, Namco
    • Release Date: October 23, 2012


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