• Sony revealed earlier today that it will add new features to the PlayStation Vita through the system software update ver 1.8, scheduled for August 28, 2012.  SCE will also expand PlayStation Plus to PS Vita users this year.

    By installing the system software ver. 1.80 you’ll be able to enjoy original PlayStation titles on your PS Vita’s beautiful 5-inch OLED display, in addition to various new features including:

    • Control the home screen and some features in applications such as Video, Music or Settings using the buttons on the PS Vita
    • Variable speed playback, fast-rewind and fast-forward and repeat-play will be supported in the Video application
    • Music playlists which are imported from the PlayStation 3 or iTunes under Music application will be supported.
    • “Cross-Controller” icon will be added to the LiveArea under the Remote Play application to enable users to play PS3 format software by using their PS Vita as a controller.

    SCE will also deliver PlayStation Plus, which is currently available for PS3 users, to PS Vita users this year.  By purchasing a membership to PlayStation Plus, PS Vita users will be able to enjoy various services which will become available exclusively for members.

    Additionally, SCE will expand the catalog of games that support “cross platform features.”  With these features, SCE will deliver a gaming experience that leverages the capabilities of both PS Vita and PS3.

    • Cross-Play feature – Street Fighter X Tekken from Capcom, available on October 23, will allow PS3 and PS Vita users to enjoy match or collaborative play.
    • Cross-save feature – By managing saved data between PS Vita and PS3, the Cross-Save feature for the PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale from SCE, available November 20, enables users to continue playing on the go with their PS Vita, right from where they left off on their PS3 at home.

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