• Citizens of Earth was once on Kickstarter about 2 years ago, and unfortunately met with an unsuccessful funding. Thankfully work on the project continued, and was actually rescued by Atlus. Now over a year later, the game is finally available. While it’s a fine game, it might have been better served by sitting in the oven a bit longer, as there are a few issues that clearly need to be addressed.

    The game takes place presumably in a facsimile of the US, with the Vice President(of the World) resting in his bed at his mother’s house after the election he won. He has woken up and on his first day on the job he learns that the entire world has been turned upside-down. He decides to investigate and take it upon himself to right the world’s wrongs, literally. Only since he is the Vice President(and possibly a coward), he recruits others and has them do his work instead. Most recruits have a quest that needs to be completed before they will join you though. Although each of them are usable in battle, they also have their own special talents that they can use outside of it. You can manage your team, emails, or equipment through the use of your tablet. You can recruit up to 42 characters, but you can only take three into battle.

    You walk around a map and can see enemies on screen, much in a manner similar to Earthbound. In fact the game seems like one big homage to that classic RPG. Battles are also turn-based and presented in a Mother 3 like fashion. Weird backgrounds paired with equally weird enemies and music. Each character has abilities that earn energy or spend energy, which work as the game’s MP system. It’s most similar to Final Fantasy: The Four Heroes of Light, only each character has their own energy supply rather than a shared pool. Attacks themselves have attributes that can be more or less effective than others on certain enemies. If an attack is effective, it will do more damage. And if it normally uses energy, it will give some back. Likewise, ineffective attacks will not renew energy. Also, if your party is strong enough, you can have the VP makes your team charge enemies from behind. This defeats them instantly, but the experience yield is significantly lower. Useful for easily clearing the field of unwanted enemies. And there are a lot of them. One thing that is slightly annoying is that party members that don’t participate in battle do not earn experience. While this is realistic, it doesn’t make for player-time-valuing gameplay. However, you can have them sent to school to get trained. Although it’s easier and cheaper to just have weak members act as meat shields. Even knocked out members get experience for every downed enemy or won battle. So there’s that going for the game’s favor.

    Even though the game is chock full of humor and good voice acting, there are some less favorable design decisions. For one, there is an inability to save anywhere, despite being able to save at anytime. Reloading just brings you to the first position you were at when the game auto-saved. Another thing is that you can’t load at anytime. The game also lacks a cross-save/load option on the PlayStation versions. That really should be standard nowadays. Other issues stem more from any version of the game other than PS4 or PC. They drop in quality, and in the 3DS version, even more so. The game’s maps are not only bizarrely hand-stitched instead of having a one seamless world, but the load times are constant. On the PS4 or PC, they are fast, but other platforms are significantly slower, with the exception of the 3DS. It’s just unforgivable to design a game that way. The world feels disconnected, and the load times serve only to waste my time. It feels like I’m playing a poorly made PS1 game and the 3DS version is a poor excuse for a port. Being the weakest of the platforms, I expected it to be not to the standard of the others, but this takes the cake. The colors are very washed out, the audio levels are low, and the ability selection is less informative than the other versions. In the other platforms, you could fully see all of any characters ability per category. Now you can only see one at a time, which is odd as you’d think the dual screens would make it easier to see. Not the case here. The other versions need some optimizations in a title update, but I feel the 3DS version needs a completely new build meant for that platform. I think trying to do a multi-platform release on so many platforms was too much for Eden Industries, even with Atlus’s help. But if you can look past all of these issues, Citizen’s of Earth is a fun game worth getting. Just make sure you steel yourself a bit. And possibly just stick to the PS4 or PC versions.

    Citizens of Earth - Review
    Fun game with great humor, but some of it's design decisions reveal that it could have used some more time in the oven, especially the 3DS version.
    PS4/PC Score7.5
    PS3, PS Vita, Wii U Score7
    Nintendo 3DS Score5.5
    • Great voice acting and humor.
    • Interesting battle system.
    • Some questionable design decisions are spread throughout the various versions.
    6.7Overall Score
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