• Sega is an odd duck when it comes to game localization these days. Out of all the titles that they could bring over, Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax was the least likely. Considering that it is a fighting game, it takes the least amount of translation work. But the real issue is the licensing for all of the light novels featured in the Dengenki anthology magazine. Sega has pulled it off though, and the game is a dream match fighter that’s worth playing for any enthusiast, regardless of it’s subject matter.

    The game takes a nice chunk of characters from the various light novel series featured in the Dengeki Magazine. Players might be more familiar from their anime adaptations though. There is a plot, but it is mostly just an excuse for the existence of this game. Basically Denshin, who is based on a character from Sega Hard Girls, summons your chosen character to fight the evil CPU Zetsumu, who has absorbed the other character’s data and this is the excuse as to why you are fighting these characters. There is a console exclusive mode called Dream Duel Story, where it’s like an arcade mode that you can customize the order you fight your opponents in. Depending on the characters chosen, you’ll get a variety of interactions.

    The real meat of the game is in the online and versus play though. Like most fighters, gameplay is simple but complex. Every character more or less has the same commands, with the only difference being the way they all play. You can also choose a support character to supplement your standard set of light,medium, and heavy attacks. The support attacks need to recharge between each use though. There is also another attack called Burst, which gets you out of combo attacks, and also need to recharge. Of course, there is a meter that lets you do various super attacks. Even if you aren’t familiar with the individual series or characters within them, the game is a nice treat of ridiculousness. Improbable scenarios like Taiga from Toradora facing off against Kirito from Sword Art Online while playing in the Green Hill zone stage from Sonic. Sega even threw some of it’s own characters like Akira from Virtua Fighter 5.

    The game isn’t exactly visually stunning, but it gets the job done well enough, and it all runs in 60 frames. Online play seems to have very little lag, with it being somewhat worse on the Vita. The net-code still is mostly solid though. There are proper lobbies, and ranked battles to engage in. The only real failings of the game would be that it might be a bit unbalanced, such as the fact that the only way to break out of a combo is the Burst Attack, which you can’t always do. The other issue has more to do with the fact that the game has already been made obsolete by a new version called Ignition. This new version launched only several months ago in Japanese arcades, and is set to launch on the PS3, PS4, and Vita in December. ¬†Unless this version sells well, the likelihood that the West will get it as well is slim. A possible solution is a content update, but that might be as unlikely. The knowledge of this version does make it a bit tough to recommend Dengeki Bunko, but if players decide to go for it, then you’ve got quite the enjoyable time on your hands.

    Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax - Review
    A great and ridiculous fighting game that's only real flaw is that it has been made obsolete by the Ignition follow-up.
    Our Score8
    • There is a handy cross-save feature for transferring data between platforms.
    • There is not much lag present in the game for online.
    • The fact that this version of the game has already been made obsolete.
    8Overall Score
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