In 2011 a game was given to the world which was frankly amazing, a game that allowed full player choice and customisation. You could play how you wanted and in any style you wanted, the various power ups and abilities helped you build the player you wanted. In 2013 we have the Director’s Cut of Deus Ex Human Revolution. This version gives us improved textures and graphics, the DLC seamlessly interwoven in the main story and my favourite aspect which is reworked boss fights. These were a huge down point for me and to be able to tackle the bosses in any way I see fit now is how this game should have been done in 2011.

    Firstly the story and background is the same as before, we play as the security Chief for Serif Industries, Adam Jensen. After a mysterious attack of Serif Industries, Adam finds himself the recipient of tons of augmentations. These are nano technology based robotic limbs and neural implants that give humans powers and abilities. We are then led through a story of Adam finding his girlfriend and as well as who attacked Serif Industries and for what purpose. The setting is the not too distant future where all these augmentations are routine but not for all, the rich can afford these and live like kings while the poor cannot and are left to their own devices. This is most evident in the city, when you roam around the rich areas you feel they are obviously so. The neon lights, the hustle and bustle coupled to the all-round feel of superiority. Contrast this with the empty, dark, moldy alley ways of the poor and destitute. You travel to various locations and the dark yellow and black motif is kept. This game focuses not only on the main story but contributes a lot to the general social class and deep moral problems surrounding society as a whole. It’s a lofty ambition to be undertaken by a video game but Deus Ex Human Revolution does it very well.

    This game has always been about choice, this is evident in the augmentations you can purchase for Adam. There are augmentations to build him in to a combat, stealth or all round specialist. My favourite being the 360 degree charge explosion and the invisible augmentation. The level design is still genius with even more air ducts, boxes and vending machines to play around with. The directors edition gives us not only the use of the PS Vita as a second screen but the DLC called ‘The Missing Link’. This is put in the story in such a way that it’s hard to imagine the story without it. In this aspect of the story Adam is kidnapped, robed of his toys and it’s up to us to try and get them back and see what happened.

    The aspect which needed most attention was the gun heavy tactics needed to deal with bosses, in 2011 you had to kill each boss guns heavy. Here however you can use your stealth skills, as terminals, bots and ammo have been provided for each player to dispose of the bosses in any way they see fit. Using the PS Vita feels right somehow, maps, notes, augmentations and tactics are what the PS Vita screen is used for. I loved choosing which route to take, planning it and having it appear on the screen. It feels very organic and allows the game to flow really well. It adds to the immersion level of the game using this second screen and it’s been implemented in a very good way. The various augmentations are still present and look even more awesome than before, there is something so satisfying about turning invisible and sneaking past guards whilst they just stand there. The graphics have been improved but for me not enough as there are still a few instances of texture popping and the facial expressions still seem a bit odd. The music is as brilliant as before and the voice acting is perfect with very good performances given by all of the actors used.

    This Director’s cut edition is the definitive Deus Ex Human Revolution version.  The developers have addressed all issues and given us a tighter, more concise and more balanced package. The functionality of the second screen allows the player to be taken in to the Deus Ex world more and really sets the futuristic tone. The improved boss fights and DLC let this title flow better and the notion of stealth can be used for all the gameplay now. If you have the 2011 version you may think twice about buying this but if you’re a newcomer to the series I can recommend this as its complete and ready for your attention.

    Rating: 9/10

    Summary: The definitive Dues ex Human Revolution is here. Second screen features, balanced boss fights and DLC are your prize for this title.

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