• Digger HD - 1

    With the rich seams of retro gaming heaven all but mined out, it

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    • Prushin

      “The price is steep though, and for the money it’s worth casting an eye around the PSN Store as tastier fare can be found far cheaper.”

      Can you name one?

    • Well it DOES depend on your taste, but if this ends up at £7.99 in the UK, Trash Panic is cheaper and a superb little game. A lot of the older PSN Arcade titles are quite cheap too, the likes of Elefunk and Lemmings are both pretty good solid games.

      It’s a tough thing to quantify though, I just think that for Digger and for the type of game it is, plus factoring in how much has changed in gaming since the early 80s you really shouldn’t be paying premium prices for really old retro stuff, no matter how much spit and polish is applied.

      (of course my entire argument falls down completely if Space Invaders Extreme ever gets released on the PSN Arcade, that game is ass-kickingly good and of course it’s based on something as old as the hills!)


    • Anastasia

      Hi, Pej. Sorry, I just can’t understand why do you think that improved graphics (it’s really amazing), 60 original levels and absolutely fantastic Local Multiplayer aren’t worth 10 bucks! It’s really addictive and fun!

      From my point of view there are only a few games on PSN which can be compared with Digger HD. Regarding bringing old ideas to the frontline I can only say GREAT THANKS to developers who did it in such brilliant and delicate way.

    • Well the rest of the review does indeed say that the game has plenty of addictive qualities and is a great little game. I’m just a tightwad when it comes to paying over the odds for old skool stuff. Hopefully though it won’t be the last time we see stuff like this making a welcome comeback.

      Just..drop the price Sony, you know it makes sense 🙂

    • Personally, I’d have given it a 3/10.