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    Sony recently released firmware 3.30 for Playstation 3 owners, however, ever since that update there have been quite a few people that have experienced problems with their controllers not syncing up to the PS3 system.  What happens is that when you go to push the “PS” button on your controller to turn on your system, well, nothing happens.  The lights at the top of the controller simply blink at you a few times and that is it.  The only way you are able to use the controller is if you have it plugged in via a USB cable.  Once you do that you can unplug the cable and the controller will work fine, however, as soon as you turn your console off you will have the same exact problem.  Fortunately there seems to be an easy fix to this new problem.  The way that I was able to fix this issue is as follows:

    • Make sure the PS3 is off and then unplug it
    • Keep the unit unplugged for approximately thirty seconds
    • Once the system is plugged back in connect the controller via a USB cable
    • Hit the “PS” button on your controller (if it worked correctly your system should start up immediately like it used to before the latest firmware)
    • Once the system is fully booted up and you are browsing through all of the categories shut the system down and unplug the USB cable.
    • Now take your wireless controller and hit the “PS” button.  Your controller should now be properly synched to your Playstation 3 and should work just like it did before you updated the firmware.

    Hopefully those steps worked for you and you are ready to enjoy the Playstation 3 once again.  If those steps didn’t work for you or if you have another suggestion, please post it below and help your fellow gamers out.

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    • kev peach

      i just got a black screen after downloading the firmware 330. sony told me its my machine and not their fault but are just denying any responsibility. tried to fob me off with a refurb for 130 quid.well it worked fine when i switched machine on prior to downloading the update but an hour later it was doomeed to a black screen. only response i get is if you hold the power button in for 10 secs and get the menu with the options to reformat and rebuild database etc. tried doing these but just reverts back to black screen. so i know its not my tv. any help please, i bet there are thousands the same as me. by the way my machine is fat style 60gb .

    • rob

      ye same happened me , fat 60gb. phoned sony said i bought my ps3 in november 2007. and was told that a 2 and half year old machine was very old. £400 door stop!

    • jordan

      hi, mine is 120GB slim. As my 60GB died on me lkast year.
      Mine also comes up with a black screen, but it is telling me ‘the system software cannot be run correctly’
      i have tried connecteing a storage media device with the 3.30 updtae on as it tells me, but it doesnt find it.
      I have tried all means of turning it off and on etc.

      any help would be deeply appreciated !

    • Xavier

      This isn’t even an issue, the system should be completely powered down after a firmware update anyway.

    • If the system requires a restart after installing the firmware then Sony has the system restart automatically. They screwed up with firmware 3.30 because not only did it break the bluetooth sync on some of the consoles but it actually broke other consoles as evidenced by the comments above.

    • John MacK

      Help needed, my son uploaded the new firmware on his PS3, a 120GB slim, now we can’t connect wirelessly to the internet. When scanning for the connection it displays the connection but will not connect. i have run the connection in the automatic mode and the manual mode, even when i inout the ip address manually it times the connection out. Any advise would be appreciated.

    • @John – Did you try the method that I outlined above? Try and unplug the PS3 and let it sit there for a little bit and then try it. If that doesn’t work try resetting your router. Hope this helps!

    • I think this is a real great article post.Really looking forward to read more. Cool.

    • emcee

      Perfectly worked. Thanks!

    • My 120GB slim PS3 gives me a red screen with a bunch of dumb text everytime I put in a game. The only game that works is UFC 2009.

    • wakkus

      Had big problem after update to 3.30. Screen was all black when system was turned on, couldn’t access safe mode. Got a different HDMI cable and installed the PS3 to a different input on the TV, and was able to see a screen asking if I wanted to install this new update that had been downloaded. Said no, and system went to the normal XMB screen. Turned everything off, re-did the original connections, and everything was fine afterwards.

    • So_Cal_Ryder

      My PS3 died after installing update 3.30. I have never had a problem with my system until then, it froze MW2 twice and now it doesn’t read games or blue ray movies. I called the 800 number and they had the audacity to tell me that they will send a box to send it in and then they will charge $150 to fix it and send it back. I am stationed in South Korea and if I have to go to court to get these sorry people to correct what I feel is a big scam then I would really consider it. It seems a little fishy that it was working just fine until I installed their update and now they want money to fix it after they messed up!!!! Keep in mind that I have to pay shipping and handling!!

      I am going to dust off my old Nintendo and tear up some Mario Bros. Yeah, I have to blow into it, hit it with a Q-tip with alcohol and slide it in just past the lip of the loading slot but hey I will have something to play. WHO IS WITH ME!!

    • Tim

      Same here. No HDMI signal after updating to 3.30. leaving it 1 minute without the power cable did the trick.

    • For the Bluetooth issue that is an easy fix. All you do is turn you remote around. Above the squared sticker to the right of it(if looking at backside of remote) there is a lil hole. Push it with a pin or fine point item. This will reset your remote. Then simply plug the remote with the USB and power up PS3 so it recognizes the remote. Once it stays lit up you can disconnect and its fixed. My system went to crap besides this, Luckly mine is still under warranty so im waiting on the verdict. Beside the Bluetooth Issue, My system freezes after about 5 minutes of gameplay and then stop recognizing the disc. Hopefully it gets all sorted…

    • Dan

      I know for a fact this Sony piece of shit bricked after their 3.30 update. I can’t even play my games anymore. No problems for 2 years, then comes their killing FW upgrade.

      I firmly believe they’re doing this crap on purpose to kill off the fats because let’s face it, it’s a lot better than their less-than-poor-quality slim models that don’t even have backwards compatibility. If you want to be able to play your older games, might as well stick with the older system. At least they’re more reliable then Sony’s “high-tech” pieces of shit.

      Sony can kiss my ass. I’m porting over to Xbox. At least they provide better customer service and a larger game selection.

    • PBM

      I was just sitting there playing nothing and my ps3 just went black, and this is after the update, so I am with anyone who wants to go after SONY for messing up our system. It worked just fine before the update, it’s a big scam, I will never buy another Sony product if this problem is not resolved.

    • NOTCOOLSony

      Mine did the same thing as one of the above posts. Was playing MW3 and it froze twice on me. Then when I went to turn it on agian the the screen went blank. The ps3 would turn on and seem to run normally without a picture, however. Also it messed up the connections between my controller and the playstation. Now the controllers just flash and won’t sync with the system

    • Max

      Why do people insult our intelligence it”s Sony”s software period.Software looping and controllers not syncing.Please update your system so you can send it back to Sony.