• XSeed Games has announced that they have teamed up with Red Entertainment to bring Gungrave: Overdose to PlayStation Network for only $9.99.  Originally released in 2004 and popularized by its over-the-top action, flashy firepower, beat-downs with coffins and visual flair by Yasuhiro Nightow of Trigun fame, Gungrave: Overdose is a beloved example of addictive gameplay that brings substance with style to the table.

    Set two years after its predecessor, Gungrave: Overdose once again stars fan-favorite Beyond The Grave as he seeks to destroy the narcotics empire Seed, built by the Corisione family.  Two more characters, Jyuji Kabane and Rocketbilly Redcadillac, join Beyond the Grave on his mission as playable characters, each with his own unique way of fighting that lives up to the extravagant gameplay the series is known for.

    Gungrave: Overdose is rated ‘Mature’ by the ESRB.  Will you be downloading this title?

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