• Pokies, or slot machines as they are otherwise known, are some of the most commonly played casino games around the world. In a typical land-based casino, up to 75% of the games available to play will be slots based.

     They are equally as popular in online casinos, as they entice players in with innovative themes, graphic and sound effects, and of course, huge jackpots.

    Tips for beginners

    Research is key, as there are such a huge number of games to choose from. Simply sticking with the first game you come across is not necessarily a great plan of attack, as payouts and bonus features can vary significantly.

     Once you’ve found a game for you, you’ll need to install their free software on your device and register an account before collecting your welcome bonus and getting stuck in.

    Set your stake

    Setting your stake is vitally important, as this determines how much you could potentially lose per spin. You can go high risk or low risk, depending on the number of paylines you select to bet on as well as the stake for each one of these.

     The stake setting tab is usually easy to find, and it’s never a bad idea to just double check that your satisfied with the amount you’re betting before you hit spin, just to avoid any nasty surprises.

    Choose a safe casino

    As we all know, there are ridiculous amounts of sharks out there who’ll waste no time in scamming you if you give them the opportunity.

     With that in mind, it’s best to do some research on your casino of choice, and this can best be done by checking out some reviews. This is an easy and effective way to ensure the legitimacy of any casino – and if you have any doubts, simply walk away.

     For example, https://www.pokies-online.co.nz/has a list of recommended casinos with good reputations and who are red hot when it comes to your security.

    Be realistic

    While we all dream of winning life-changing jackpots, these are incredibly rare for obvious reasons, so it’s important to take a realistic approach to online pokies.

     Of course, if you play and get lucky along the way, you stand a good chance of winning some small, satisfactory cash prizes. Setting yourself small targets can significantly enhance your experience and add to the fun element that makes pokies so popular.

     If you have your heart set on the big prizers from the get-go, you’ll almost certainly always be disappointed.

    Use the help guides

    Most good online pokies sites have clear and easily accessible help guides, designed to help you maximise your experience. Remember, online casinos are in competition with one another, so they’ll always do their utmost to keep you on their site, so don’t be shy when it comes to taking their advice – and their free offers!


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