• Sony has announced that MLB 13 The Show is now available for the PlayStation 3 and Vita. This year’s version of Sony’s hit baseball simulation refines some existing features and introduces new ones. The new Beginner Mode promises to make the Show more accessible and to help users learn the fundamentals of the game. Beginner mode will use an advanced, AI system that dynamically updates your skill level on the fly.

    Cross platform play returns in MLB 13 The Show and with it comes Online Home Run Derby to the PlayStation Vita. Other modes returning include the evolution of the Franchise and Season Mode, “The Show Live,” Diamond Dynasty 2.0 and much more. There is also now a universal profile that provides a central hub for any statistics a user records while playing The Show, regardless of the platform it is played on.

    MLB 13 The Show also features online leagues that have been overhauled. New features include being able to play the real MLB schedule with all 30 teams, coupled with upgrades and refinements – like being able to manually control the pace of the league. Ultimately, the commissioner of a league will have the tools to be able to create and customize it in order to play with anyone anywhere to have a complete MLB experience in an online environment.

    MLB 13 The Show is now out for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. Will you be picking it up?

    MLB 13 The Show – Andrew McCutchen

    MLB 13 The Show – Jose Bautista

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