• The E3 conference for Sony really blew my mind, especially as the Microsoft one had let me down so badly. I have always been a Sony guy, having said that I also own an Xbox 360 as I love Halo and the Gears Of War franchises. There were plenty of aspects of the PS4 I liked. The content issues, the games ownership and the price point most of all. The sheer power of the device and the possibilities it presents for devs to give us fantastic games means this is the way to go for most gamers. I really like the fact that the PS4 is region-free, meaning all my JPRGs will work just fine. This is not an article to bad mouth the Xbox One however as the net seems to be doing that just fine.

    The one and only problem I have with the PS4 is the lack of backwards compatibility, I was hoping to have this feature but no. The early 60gb model of the PS3 had this function and it were great. This allowed me to make the change from PS2 to PS3 easily and enabled me to take my games with me. I understand that if Sony had put this feature in the price would have increased but I really think that most gamers would have loved this feature. It would have made the jump easier and since I love my PS3, I will make shelf space for the PS4 as well. I won’t say goodbye to my PS3 anytime soon as it has been a massive part of my gaming life up until now.

    Did Sony miss a trick here? I will leave that to your thoughts, for me the PS4 is a must-buy as the games, trailers and all round feel from the conference was one that got me really excited and has me looking forward to the future of gaming. I think the PS4 may be the first console to get a 10 year run? What do you think?


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    • zeroskie

      Not sure if this applies to everyone, but could not care less about backwards compatibility. If i want to play an old favorite, then I’ll bring out my old box, otherwise look forward to the future.

      If the tradeoff of backwards compatibility is a more stable operating system, lower price, and more developers and gamers coming together on one console, then it’s more than worth it.

      Also Gakai will more than make up for that. Wanna play PS1/2/3 games on your Vita on the bus? Yeah.

    • brianc6234

      That one feature though adds a lot to the cost of the console. Older consoles weren’t that big of a deal but the PS3 is a complicated console and the PS4 is completely different. Better to have a lower price on the PS4.

    • Raymond Dwyer

      Because of the new x86 system architecture, there’s no way to offer reliable BC without fitting a PS3 inside the console. Only reason Wii U can do BC is because it’s still PowerPC based like the last generation was.

      • EssentiaX

        This. It just isn’t realistically possible. x86 and the Cell architecture are like oranges and apples.

      • andy

        To the OP, this was your one issue? The one that immature children whine about?

        This could easily be fixed by this Raymond which is sweet when you look at it 🙂 http://imgur.com/r/gaming/UdhHNVK

      • Naffered

        Your right, but from what about know about the specs,

        emulation of PS1 and PS2 software should be a breeze.

        Let Sony know if we want them to include this

    • Allan Brough

      I’m not really bothered about the lack of BC. If Sony’s plan for streaming games using Gaikai takes off then it shouldn’t be an issue.

    • Themoreyouknow

      Backward compatability does exist on the PS4 but not in the way you migh want it.

      It’s going to be cloud based by cloud computing the PS2/PS3 titles and streaming them to the PS4.

    • Jason

      In 2014 they will add gaikai which which will stream ps 1/2/3 games to the ps4

      • I know Sony “hopes” to do that and I hope they succeed. It would be great to have access to my PlayStation back catalog of games in addition to my PS4 games.