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    Atlus recently released  a new video for 3D Dot Game Heroes.  This newest trailer, titled “Dot-Mart” shows would-be kingdom rescuers where they’ll be doing their general goods shopping in the realm of Dotria.  For those unfamiliar with this title it is basically the ultimate retro love letter to gamers.  Eye-popping visuals capture the nostalgic charm of pixel graphics in 3-D.  Simple, but deep action-adventure gameplay is a throwback to the 8-bit era.  Veteran gamers will find references and jokes that pay homage to some of the most well known titles.  In 3D Dot Game Heroes you will also get to choose how your character looks.  Freely edit the look of your character, or design one completely from scratch, and then trade designs with friends via a compatible USB storage device.  Your hero’s blade is also upgradable, letting you add length and width to create a sword that fills the whole screen.

    Check out the new trailer below and tell us what you think.

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