• Team 17 has announced the arrival of a new downloadable content pack for Worms Ultimate Mayhem on Playstation 3.  The Worms Ultimate Mayhem “Single-Player Pack” will be available to download for PlayStation 3 from PlayStation Network on the U.S. store on Tuesday April 24th.

    The Worms Ultimate Mayhem “Single-player Pack” features brand new additions to the existing single-player challenge modes, with eight new single-player challenges, including Sniper, Jet Pack, Super Sheep and Shotgun challenges.  The “Single-player Pack” also includes one new multiplayer map and six new Trophies.  The complete list of what is available is below:

    • 1 new Sniper Challenge
    • 1 new Jet Pack Challenge
    • 1 new Super Sheep Challenge
    • 1 new Shotgun Challenge
    • 1 new Accuracy Challenge
    • 1 new Navigation Challenge
    • 1 new Crate Collect Challenge
    • 1 new Deathmatch Challenge
    • 1 new multiplayer map – “All Systems Oh No”
    • 6 new trophies

    The Worms™ Ultimate Mayhem “Single-player Pack” is available for PlayStation 3 on the U.S. store April 24th for $4.99 and on the European store on April 25th for £3.19/€3.99.

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