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    Zen Studios has released a new trailer for their upcoming title, Planet Minigolf.  This all new tips and tricks trailer shows off some of the coolest power-ups and swings that will make it that much easier to get a hole in one.  This new trailer highlights how players can take advantage of various power-ups and modes that are available on each course.  The trailer will take you through courses in each different environment of the game showing off power-ups such as: The Sticky power up, a glue bottle that will slow your ball down and allow it get closer to the hole;  the Steering Wheel power-up, which allows you to use your controller to steer the golf ball in the desired direction; and the Flying power-up, which enables your ball to take flight in to the exact direction you want!

    Planet Minigolf is set to hit the Playstation Network sometime this spring.  Check out the new trailer and tell us what you think.

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