• Sony recently revealed some new information for one of their upcoming titles, Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time.  Some of the key features for Sly’s newest adventure include:

    • Time Travel Adventure – Embark on an all-new Sly Cooper adventure that will have players traveling through time and navigating through exciting action missions, interactive puzzle elements, and epic boss battles in Sly and the gang’s biggest escapade yet.
    • Deep Gameplay Experience Powered by PS3 – The Sly Cooper franchise evolves onto PS3 with a deeper, more engaging gameplay experience, including re-designed characters, all new stealth and combat moves, larger, more interactive worlds for enhanced exploration and thievery, and much more.
    • Signature Sly Cooper Humor – In classic Sly Cooper style, Sly Cooper: Thieves in Times introduces a new humorous, rich storyline, featuring iconic personalities.
    • Playable Cast of Characters – Featuring the return of the original voice acting cast,Sly Cooper and his partners in crime, Murray and Bentley are back, as well as a variety of other playable characters that have their own unique play styles and signature moves.
    • Collectable Costumes – New collectable costumes unlock special abilities, giving you more options for skillful offensive and defensive maneuvers.
    • Stunning 3D Visuals – Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time will be playable in full, vibrant Stereoscopic 3D.
    • Sly Cooper on PS Vita – PS Vita users will be introduced to a series of signature PS Vita controls to further immersive themselves in Sly Cooper’s world, including dual analogue sticks for precision control of their character, front and rear touch controls and motion control gameplay.
    • Cross-Save – For the first time in the franchise’s 10 year history, fans can now take their campaign with them on the go with cross-save. With the ability to share save files between the PS3 and PS Vita, users can now save their progress to the cloud and take their Thieves in Time campaign with them on the road to continue anytime, anywhere.
    • Cross-Play – Sly Cooper on PS Vita supports Cross-Play, using the PS Vita players will be able to help each other by finding secret treasures and collecting pictures of valuable art throughout history.  Players using the PS Vita will be able to sense these hidden treasures and then touch their screen, sending a ping to the player on the PS3 and helping them search them out.  By using the PS Vita as a camera, the players will be able to find various paintings and objects d’art on the PS3 and then capture their images which the player then can convert to coins.

    Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time is currently slated to be a 2013 title.  Will you be picking it up once it hits store shelves?  Tell us what you think below.

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