• Sony has announced that NHL GameCenter Live, an online service offering streaming video of live out-of-market hockey games, is now available for the 2011-2012 NHL regular season on the PS3, allowing users to stream games in high definition (local blackout restrictions apply).

    Additionally, this season, all PS3 users in North America and Canada can download the NHL GameCenter application for free. This means users that do not have a subscription to NHL GameCenter Live can still have access to a wide range of NHL content through the NHL GameCenter application, including features such as post-game highlights, team schedules, standings, player stats and full NHL scoreboard.

    NHL GameCenter Live subscribers can stream game broadcasts in HD by downloading the NHL GameCenter application from PlayStation Network on their PS3 system. In addition to offering live hockey games (subject to blackouts), NHL GameCenter Live also allows subscribers to watch full-length and condensed replays of the current season games they missed (48 hours after they air, no blackouts) and relive NHL history with unlimited access to over 800 classic games from NHL Vault.

    “PlayStation 3 is the only system to stream live hockey games in HD,” said Brandon Stander, director of marketing, PlayStation Network. “NHL GameCenter Live adds the excitement of professional hockey to the strongest HD sports offering on any console.”

    The new NHL GameCenter application for the PS3 system includes enhanced streaming capabilities for the 2011-12 season. Additional features of NHL GameCenter Live include:

    • Select from home and away broadcasts available in HD to follow your favorite team(s), even while they are on the road.
    • Follow the action from around the league with game updates in the live scoreboard and plan what games to watch using the full season calendar.
    • Make the most of your viewing experience with live stats, standings and post-game highlights for all 2010-11 games.
    • Pause, fast-forward, rewind or simply jump to key points of interest for 2011-12 games using event data indicators displayed on-screen.
    • Easily flip between live video and browsing other NHL GameCenter application features, while the video still plays in the background.

    Additional features of NHL Vault include:

    • Classic Games: Relive historic hockey moments from classic games dating back to the 1960s.
    • Condensed Games: Catch up on games you missed with 10-12 minute extended highlights.
    • Game Archive: Watch full length replays of all games since the 2008-2009 season.
    To subscribe to NHL GameCenter go to www.ps3.com/nhl to get an account and link it to your PS3 system  using a registration code obtained through the app on your device.  NHL Gamecenter Live is priced at $159 (U.S.) for an annual subscription and includes the NHL Vault service.

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    • mike Spicer

      please please pass this to Sony that Europe wants this application – NOT ABLE TO WATCH NHL IN EUROPE NO CHANNELS ARE SHOWING NHL!!!

    • ty

      This app. sucks. All it does is freeze every 2 secs. No wonder they dropped the price to free. Ah well, back to hooking laptop up to TV.

    • neal vadekar

      pls offer this world wide, i am not able to see this application for download in australia on my ps3

      • I would try and contact Sony Australia and see if they can help you out. It would be nice if everyone had access to it.

    • Dazzamcd

      How can we get this in AUSTRALIA!!! Ill harass whoever i need to for this to happen!!!!

    • hockeyfan

      Yes, why is this app not available in the rest of the world. I watch NHL Gamecenter in Germany, but the Sony app is not available on the PS3 here. Come on, do I need to by a LG/Samsung etc. TV or what. Come on Sony. Takes 5 mins to load the app in your store. And yes already contacted Sonyy on various ways, but seems nobody is in charge to do anything:-(

    • fyz1kz

      The app does work in uk, but u have to access it via a usa or canadian account, then DL for free from store. i have gamecenter live and i linked my account to ps3nhl app (after a few tries)so now i have total access to it from the uk, including live game feeds,highlights,classic games etc..

      Even prior to having a subscription to GCL i could view the app and see only highlights, but it def works in EU..give it a try,