5TotallyGN score

Risen 3 – Review

Risen 3: Titan Lords is the sequel to Risen 2: Dark Waters and sadly it’s not much better. This boasts a massive 35-40 hour story but when its below average I don’t think most gamers will get that far into...
6TotallyGN score

Sacred 3 – Review

Fans of the Sacred series can now get their hands on Sacred 3 which is an action RPG similar to the previous two games. It has a top down view which some casual gamers may find annoying but for me it was fine....
8.8TotallyGN Score

GRID Autosport – Review

Real racing is back, gone is the silly attempt at the story mode and weird handling. Back comes real racing and this title feels like a Toca inspired version. It plays like the good old days, with handling and...

NASCAR 14 – Review

Stock car racing, that is to say, Nascar is big in the states but not so much in Europe. I have to admit apart from the Indy 500 I haven’t heard of it that much. After playing Nascar 14 I have to say I’m...