• The classic game of Paddle ball has had many incarnations. The premise is simple, you control a paddle on the bottom of the screen and try to bounce a ball off this paddle and hit bricks/blocks and break everything on screen. Wizorb is a PS mini hybrid game as it has RPG elements and paddle game elements. The bulk of the game is the classic paddle ball formula. However there is a story as you are a wizard that helps a town get back four people and stop the evil creatures that have over taken the various worlds.

    The controls are very simple with you having two forms of magic at your disposal, white and black magic. These are unleashed with the face buttons or the left and right shoulder buttons. You move the paddle around with the D-Pad or the left analogue stick. The game has 5 worlds with an end of level boss to beat after 11 levels. There are different levels from forests to castles. Whilst the gameplay is the same the introduction of magic adds a little something extra. Pressing “x” can either shoot a fireball or wait for the orb to hit your paddle and hit “x” so you can ignite the org and allow it to cause massive damage. White magic lets you control the trajectory of the orb after it hits your paddle (wand). Another addition to your magic is when you lose a life you have the choice to place the orb where you like and start the level from there.

    Whilst playing there are also items to collect such as keys which allow entrance to closed doors. There are potions to replenish magic, hearts to get lives and the fairy that drops items randomly until she leaves the screen. The key allows access to the item shop which lets you buy potions, magnets, extra lives, an extra long paddle, slow orb, multi orb or strong orbs that damage everything. Of course during play there are curses that stop your playing.  The shrink spell makes your paddle shrink, drain magic does just that and other spells which you will find out yourself. There are lots of different blocks including small, medium, large, stone and ruby blocks. More variation has been given to us in the form of other blocks such as switch blocks which must be hit to open doors. Treasure chests contain special items.

    Enemies also come in various shapes and sizes. Wolf kids, slimed, eyeballs, ghosts and skulls are just a taste of the evil that awaits you. The RPG elements of this game are seen in the hub town called, Tarot Village. This village was once flourished but due to monsters released by the devil king it is now in ruins. During play you will gain coins which can be used to rebuild the village. This gives you rewards that will help you out. Sadly the RPG elements of this game are limited.  A lot more should have been done. The gameplay itself is pretty standard as you move the paddle around and break blocks. It gets repetitive but oddly very addictive. The boss battles actually make you want to play more and more. The graphics are simple and this is pretty much a NES game. The sound is retro and for me it got very annoying but most will like it I’m sure.

    I would say this is a good game.  It tries to bring in eyelets of two genres of gaming but really only succeeds in one. It’s a brave attempt and the core gameplay is good, simple but addictive. Repetitive yes and some may turn off after a while.  Ten hours in I’m still playing it, so there is some magic in this game. Beatshapers have given us a pretty cool PS mini game and it’s worth the price. Give it a go, I’m sure you will enjoy it.

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    The TotallyGN Verdict

    • Simple, fun gameplay.
    • Tries to do something different.
    • Repetitive and annoying sounds.



    A good PS mini game that is worth the price and will give you some fun.

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    • Format: PlayStation 3,
    • Developer: Tribute Games,
    • Publisher: Tribute Games


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