Rain is a puzzle game that succeeded more in making me feel lost and alone than challenged but that’s not necessarily bad. You take the role of an unnamed boy who is out to rescue a girl from a monster in another world where they are invisible and it is always raining. Along with the monsters of this world you can only be seen when in the rain or when you have mud on yourself. You are defenseless so you must solve small environmental puzzles to evade the enemies or trick them into their demise.

    The game’s story never really goes into detail where this world comes from or who these characters are and I’m afraid it is a lost opportunity. The game starts off interesting, but then slowly degrades until the fifth act when you meet the little girl. It then grows uninteresting again until the outstanding final act that so happened to end with an unsatisfying conclusion.

    The mechanics of Rain are all great, but they are never used to their full potential.  You will be introduced to a new mechanic such as hiding in lockers, which is used for a single chapter full of simple puzzles and is practically never used again. Although the use of these mechanics are interesting and fresh for the time used, if all of these mechanics began to accumulate over the eight acts it would make for a more interesting puzzle game.

    This can be somewhat looked past as I did enjoy running through the beautiful, but gloomy streets of this dystopian European city. The dark color palette really helps with the mood of the game. It gives you a sense of anxiety and loneliness.  You can quickly tell Rain wants to deliver a mood rather than a challenging puzzle game.

    The music of Rain is beautiful. It’s sad, but at the same time cheerful. At times in the game it helped set a somber and lonely mood, but at other times made me feel happy and excited. It’s a strange mix of tones that works incredibly well with the game. It also makes me wonder why when I interacted with an object there is such a nasty sound. It somewhat pulls you out of the experience as a big chunk of gameplay has you interacting with objects and you begin realize just how unappealing the sound is.

    In the end I’m conflicted. Rain delivers a mood of sadness and of being lonely incredibly well, but fails to present challenging puzzles along with fresh mechanics that aren’t fully explored. It has a beautiful art style and the music is outstanding, but has a story that has a couple highs and then slowly degrades. On top of all that the game delivers an incredible final act, but then ends with an unsatisfying conclusion.

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    • Brandon Hofer

      I have a slightly different viewpoint on the game but a good review nonetheless. 🙂

    • poorpigg

      Nicely done, and I agree that potentials were not filly exploited, the play was more of an easy mode.

    • R@J

      A Good review mikey,this game was always on my radar.