• Many of us play games as they’re the next best thing to real life. Whether it be golf, racing or even combat in games such as Call or Duty, these games are not only an escape but the chance to live a dream.

     Naturally, some games translate better than others. Below we take a look at the games which offer the thrills, spills and realism of the real thing…

    PGA Tour Franchise

    Once known as Tiger Woods PGA Tour, the PGA tour franchise offers a good reflection of being on the golf course, replicating world class courses and all the hazards and problems you would face.

     You’d be surprised but it’s well worth playing if you’re looking to take golf up as it’ll not only help you with shot and club selection, but also the tactics behind various tournaments and methods of playing.

    Casino Games

    Casino games are another that are worth exploring online to learn before heading over to a real life casino.

     There are dozens of places to play unlike golf where PGA Tour do dominate the market, so you’ll be able to play slots, poker and blackjack with ease.

     Most places will also offer bonuses such as a starburst free spins no deposit offer. These are idea for newbies as you can test the waters without spending a penny.

     Online casinos require all the tactical knowhow of the real thing and you can also bluff in exactly the same manner in games such as poker.

    Flight Simulators

    Very few of us get to walk through an airport terminal, captain of a plane, but we all can give flying a go in a simulator.

     Pilots do spend a lot of time on simulators and the ones on the commercial market really do stand up. You need to learn how to take off and land, while you can also enjoy incredible graphics these days which really do look the real thing.

     Virtual Reality will make sims even more realistic. We can’t wait!

    Forza Motorsport

    Forza is an incredibly realistic Formula 1 game. So much so that there’s been an esports event announced to replicate 24 Hours in Le Mans.

     Combined with a steering wheel and gears set up, it’s an even more realistic experience. Forza will also allow you to play some of the world’s most famous tracks too including Silverstone, Brands Hatch and Le Mans. If you’re an F1 fan, it really is a game you don’t want to miss out on.


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