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    Socom 4: U.S. Navy Seals has finally hit store shelves. Socom 4 continues the series tradition of teamwork and tactical combat, while evolving with new, accessible features. Enemy AI dynamically reacts to the player’s moves, challenging the player to develop new strategies and rely on squad commands. The progressive, streamlined command interface allows the player to develop sophisticated team maneuvers, making the player more efficient and increasing the likelihood of successfully completing missions. The player is also able to upgrade and scavenge enemy weapons, and destructible cover adds to the authentic combat experience.

    Socom 4 takes place in Southeast Asia after a NATO fleet is severely crippled by a terrorist attack and civil war grips the region. Operations Commander Cullen Gray must rely on his multinational force and his expertise in strategic combat to overcome hostile territory and even more hostile rebels. In just six days, OpsCom and his team must capture a radical revolutionary who plans to disrupt the global economy by annihilating a critical waterway. Throughout their journey the team receives assistance from ORACLE, a surviving intelligence analyst stationed aboard an offshore, immobilized NATO carrier.

    Each team member brings a unique skill to the battlefield: First Lieutenant Park Yoon-Hee (call-sign “Forty-Five”), a South Korean covert operations specialist; Chief Petty Officer Dion Wells; Heavy Weapons Operator Eric Schweitzer; and Chung Kwan, a South Korean reconnaissance operative. OpsCom must command and optimize each team member’s skill to successfully maneuver his team out of enemy territory and complete his objective.

    Supporting up to 32 players online, Socom 4 brings team-focused competitive modes to the battle ground. In Uplink, each team infiltrates the other’s base to obtain valuable data. Last Defense pits teams against each other as they attempt to place recon beacons at key sectors to locate and assault the enemy base. For fans of the series, Suppression returns and challenges teams to neutralize the other and be the last team standing. Bomb Squad makes its debut as the newest addition to the multiplayer arsenal. Escorted by allies, the special bomber units attempt to defuse enemy explosives, while warding off the rival team. Classic Socom mode is available for all maps and gametypes and dares players to turn off health regeneration, respawn, the cover system and adds faster movement speeds.

    Gamers looking for a different way to wage war will welcome the new cooperative campaign. The five player online co-op campaign ranges over six challenging maps and two game modes. Takedown tasks the squad to locate and neutralize the enemy VIP and Espionage relies on a more covert approach as the team must gain access to the enemy position and gather valuable data.  Randomized scenarios, tactical objectives and unpredictable, dynamic AI lie in wait to test a squad’s strategy and plan of attack.

    Customization adds another layer to both the competitive and cooperative Socom multiplayer experience. The multiplayer environment allows for a variety of options for custom matches, including Classic mode, gametype map, player count, timed rounds, weapon class restrictions, teammate revival, damage and friendly fire. Chaining together up to five cooperative missions creates a unique, custom campaign where players also have the option to modify both enemy density and difficulty.

    “Socom 4 not only delivers everything the fans loved about previous titles in the franchise, but adds Stereoscopic 3D and fully incorporates  the PlayStation Move to offer a completely engrossing gameplay experience,” said Scott A. Steinberg, vice president, product marketing, SCEA. “We’re excited to offer the Socom 4: Full Deployment Edition to introduce new players to the franchise and give dedicated fans an even more immersive way to play.”

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