• Sony has revealed that a new online store is now available in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Brazil that enables PlayStation Network and Sony Entertainment Network users to discover and purchase games, movies, TV shows and more from the web.

    The new online store features product pages that offer an easy way to browse the store’s integrated catalog, which offers millions of pieces of in-game content which includes downloadable games, add-ons and themes, as well as movies and TV shows.

    For Playstation users content purchased in the new online store from a PC (Mac and Windows) is added to “My Downloads” within the PlayStation Store.  You can then download games, movies and TV episodes directly on to the PS3, PS Vita and PSP.  You can also purchase movies and TV episodes via the online store from any PC and watch them via the Media Go application (Windows-based PC only) or on Sony Xperia smartphones and tablets.

    Additionally, you can now add funds to your PlayStation wallet via Pay Pal.  After trying out this new store from myself it works pretty well but it could be better.  It  is similar to what you can do on xbox.com but not quite there.  On xbox.com I can add something to my download queue the same way you can do it on Sony’s new online store.  Both options are awesome and can help you add files to your download queue when you are away from your system.  The difference is that when you sign in to Xbox Live it automatically begins downloading.  When you sign into your PlayStation 3 you need to go to Account Management and then Transaction Management and then Download List and then manually start the download.

    What has your experience been with Sony’s new online store?  Tell us your experiences and your thoughts below.

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