• After the Sony E3 conference had finished, I was able to take in all the information. Below is a list of the top 5 trailers in my humble view. They are not ranked in order of greatness as it would be too hard for me to do.

    1) InFamous Second Son

    For me this was a dead set as soon as I heard it all those weeks ago. The trailer just reinforced by view, the high power of the PS4 will make this a massive hit. I hope the story is a compelling as the previous titles. Sony are also very clever in that they didn’t call it InFamous 3, rather a new name for a new story.

    2) Drive Club

    This game can rival Forza 5 for sheer beauty and class. I can’t wait to see what they do with this over the PSN as this could be a game we play for years and years. Some will argue and say Granturismo should be here but for me a new IP is welcomed.

    3) Destiny

    You have seen the trailer and the demo at the Sony conference, so how can this not be here? The scale of this shooter and the great premise is alone to make anyone want to play it. Add to that the lush graphics, the blistering pace and hard pumping music and you get a game that is perfect for launch of a true next gen console.

    4) The Order 1886

    Another new IP and one I’m very excited to see. Yes it’s another shooter but this one set in old time England, with epic looking weapons and zombies? We don’t know who the enemy is yet but they sounded nasty. I liked the Knight of king Arthur names and the whole feel of this game was one of a fresh IP built by a studio that knows what they are doing.

    5) Watch Dogs

    I loved Deus Ex Human Revolution, this game has a lot of hacking and that’s right up my street. The trailer showed us what could be done with the surveillance cams and how information is used to get what we want. I can’t forget the gorgeous graphics and I think this will be one of the best looking games on the PS4.

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