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    Frima Studio has announced that Zombie Tycoon is on sale on the Playstation Store for only $2.49 through August 9th.  Normally $4.99, Zombie Tycoon is one of the most successful Playstation Minis of all time and unlike any zombie game you’ve played before.

    In Zombie Tycoon, you get to control your very own horde of ravenous zombies.  This unique tale of intrigue and betrayal spans over ten challenging levels, complete with animated cutscenes, in game dialogs, and a bunch of humorous references.  Equip your slavering, putrescent swarm of undead minions with over 100 quirky items and send them shuffling after humans like wolves on cattle, laying waste to town after town as they spread their blight across the globe.

    As a Playstation Mini Zombie Tycoon is playable on both the Playstation 3 and PSP.  If you have played this game before be sure to tell us what you think.

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