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Project CARS 2- Review

Project CARS 2 represents the most complete and well thought out racing game available at the moment. The first game had some issues which all gamers and fans wanted addressed, this is not simply just a sequel...

Is FIFA 18 The Best Football Game Ever?

Most critics would agree that the FIFA franchise has struggled to keep up with arch-rival Pro Evolution Soccer over the last couple of years. Despite having those all-important licensing rights to major clubs...
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Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony- Review

The Danganronpa series is known for being fun, dark, smart and slightly scary at times. This version is no different. The evil bear has once again got a group of students for stem into an academy and the only...
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F1 2017- Review

You like F1? Do you like video games? Then you need to buy F1 2017, it's probably the best F1 game I played its glorious in many ways. There are some slight issues as with all racing games but these don't take...
Warriors All-Stars
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Warriors All-Stars – Review

As the run up to the release of Dynasty Warriors IX draws nearer, Koei Tecmo has continued to release Warriors games, regardless whether it's a follow up to the mainline series or Samurai Warriors, or a anime...


For the first time in the Naruto series, the Avatar System is available! Players will be able to customise their own ninja with different outfits. To become the strongest they will need to master their...