• KILLALLZOMBIES sees you attempting to survive wave after wave of enemy zombies with every wave increasing in difficulty as the complexity rises to provide a new experience different from that of the previous wave. You will find an ever expanding horde of zombies forming over time; therefore if you do not keep up with killing the zombies from the previous wave you will find that for instance one hundred zombies could be remaining from the previous wave with another wave incoming after you have survived a certain period of time to pile on the pressure with an even larger enemy count with nothing on their minds other than earning their meal for the day.

    Game Features:

    Twitch Streaming interactions. When in broadcast mode there is a different element of gameplay available to the player in order to engage socially as we actually involve spectators within the gameplay, so they can interact with players while watching a live stream of you playing via Twitch chat.
    Perks and weapons. The perks have a tremendous power to each of them that can shift the balance of power from the hordes of zombies surrounding you to the player and given when you have enough XP. More than 50 perks available!
    Bosses fights. Bosses are big enemies with unique attack mechanics in certain waves, you must find ways to evade any zombie bosses you encounter.

    #KILLALLZOMBIES will receive post-launch support with further content and game modes patched into the game for free, therefore when the game launches this week on all of the European PSN Stores with a special PlayStation Plus discount to thank you for your loyal support and patience during the delay of the European release of the game; you will be guaranteed to receive the full experience of the game with a new update including new bosses, new perks, chat commands and weapons set to arrive within the next couple of weeks.

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