9Totally Gaming Score

Project CARS 2- Review

Project CARS 2 represents the most complete and well thought out racing game available at the moment. The first game had some issues which all gamers and fans wanted addressed, this is not simply just a sequel...
8Totally Gaming Score

Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony- Review

The Danganronpa series is known for being fun, dark, smart and slightly scary at times. This version is no different. The evil bear has once again got a group of students for stem into an academy and the only...
8Totally Gaming Score

F1 2017- Review

You like F1? Do you like video games? Then you need to buy F1 2017, it's probably the best F1 game I played its glorious in many ways. There are some slight issues as with all racing games but these don't take...
Warriors All-Stars
5.5TotallyGN Score

Warriors All-Stars – Review

As the run up to the release of Dynasty Warriors IX draws nearer, Koei Tecmo has continued to release Warriors games, regardless whether it's a follow up to the mainline series or Samurai Warriors, or a anime...
9TotallyGN Score

Pyre – Review

Super Giant Games is only three titles in, but Pyre is likely their best game yet. Showing the most polish, Pyre is a game that mixes three genres together to becoming something greater than the sum of it's...
8Totally Gaming Score

Yakuza Kiwami – Review

One of the greatest games ever played was called Yakuza, it told a story of a foot soldier rising up the ranks to greatness. The story was fantastic, the fighting at that stage was okay, graphically it was...
4TotallyGN Score

Sundered – Review

While Thunder Lotus Games hit it off with it's debut with Jotun, their second game has switched gears to a Metroidvania styled game, with some rogue-like elements. But maybe the game should have stayed in the...
Nex Machina
9TotallyGN Score

Nex Machina – Review

While twin-stick shooters saw a brief resurgence a few years back, there hasn't really been a truly great one to be proud of having played it. A game that could be highly recommended. I think that time is now,...