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Metro Redux – Review

Without a doubt one of my favorite and most played games of the last year has to be Metro: Last Light. I didn’t get to play the first game of this series and am very happy that the folks over at Deep Silver...
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Pure Pool – Review

I love nothing more than going out on Saturday night with some friends and playing some pool. The idea of a half decent pool game therefore excites me to no end, is Pure Pool a half decent pool game though?...

Murdered: Soul Suspect – Review

I am a fan of new game ideas and new gaming genres. When a game pops up that boasts murder mystery like LA Noire and gruesome death like the Resident Evil series this gets my attention. Murdered: Soul Suspect...

Wolfenstein: The New Order – Review

Gamers will forever argue about the origins of the first person shooter genre, to me Wolfenstein is the root of all things FPS. This franchise is the one that launched what would be possibly the most...
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Transistor – Review

Since it's launch, the PS4 hasn't had very few games in the realm of RPGs. But now after several months of a somewhat RPG dry spell, Transistor seeks to break that trend. Of course it's also available on...

Bound By Flame – Review

The RPG genre is a tough beast to crack, so many elements are needed in a game to make it a good one. The title must please a lot of different people and hit a few fairly decent action sequences which makes...

LEGO: The Hobbit – Review

The massive LEGO games franchise is back and this time it's all about the Hobbit. This game takes the story of the first two Hobbit movies and puts on the LEGO overcoat. Fans of the franchise will be happy as...