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F1 2016- Review

After two years of making sub par F1 games Codemasters has come back with a pretty good one. The small changes that may have made a world of difference to the actual game itself it controls much cleaner, it...
Assault Suit Leynos
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Assault Suit Leynos – Review

While the West did get Assault Suit Leynos for the Genesis/Megadrive, it was renamed as Target Earth. I've always enjoyed it. But the game wasn't as polished as Assault Suit Valken/Cybernator for the Super...
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Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR- Review

GUILTY GEAR Xrd -REVELATOR-_20160210151534 This is the latest entry in the Guilty Gear series and picks up where SIGN left off. Similar to previous titles this is a fighter with colourful collection of...
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Grand Kingdom- Review

In Grand kingdom we take control of a band of mercenaries affiliated with a kingdom. During the games progression you will change sides based on the best contracts offered, so your relationships and story will...