LEGO: The Hobbit – Review

The massive LEGO games franchise is back and this time it's all about the Hobbit. This game takes the story of the first two Hobbit movies and puts on the LEGO overcoat. Fans of the franchise will be happy as...
Basement Crawl Featured Image

Basement Crawl – Review

One has to wonder how some games are allowed to get past QA on services like steam, outside of early-access shenanigans. Even more so from Sony's QA for it's PSN store. This is because Bloober Team's Basement...
Steamworld Dig

Steamworld Dig – Review

Steamworld Dig originally released on the 3DS's eShop about 6 months ago. After meeting success with the original 3DS title, Image & Form worked on porting the game to PC, Mac and Linux platforms....
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Killzone: Shadow Fall – Review

  The Killzone series has been a staple of the current gen and it’s only fitting that the birth of the next gen begins with an all new Killzone title. This is a glorious title to look at firstly, the...
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KNACK – Review

  The next gen is here and Knack is a title that is all about launch. It’s perfect as it highlights the graphical muscle of the mighty PS4 and a couple of decent ideas are put forward in this title....
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Angry Birds: Star Wars – Review

  Our favourite birds that are angry have made it to the PS4, yes that’s right it’s time for the next gen to be "angry-birdified". This is the Star Wars version and wow is this pretty. This is not...