Omega Quintet
6.5TotallyGN Score

Omega Quintet – Review

Idea Factory has decided to make more games in a similar vein to it's Hyperdimension and Fairy Fencer F series. But they also want to steer away from at least some of it's mechanics to try something a bit...
7TotallyGN Score

#killallzombies – Review

I do love a good zombie game, and #killallzombies is just one of those, a twin stick shooter that relies on numbers and a lot of them. Literally tons of zombies will come at you and you just have to survive....
8.5TotallyGN Score

The Evil Within – Review

Survival horror is a tough nut to crack, the game must have atmosphere, great moments of terror and moments of utter calm. The Evil Within has these aspects in abundance as well as a main character that is as...
8TotallyGN score

CONIUX PS4 Stereo Headset- Review

The next headset is the CONIUX, unlike the TENRUI this is a higher level headset right out the box. The feel of it, the design and the overall presentation make this a headset to standout. The padding...