7TotallyGN Score

#killallzombies – Review

I do love a good zombie game, and #killallzombies is just one of those, a twin stick shooter that relies on numbers and a lot of them. Literally tons of zombies will come at you and you just have to survive....
8.5TotallyGN Score

The Evil Within – Review

Survival horror is a tough nut to crack, the game must have atmosphere, great moments of terror and moments of utter calm. The Evil Within has these aspects in abundance as well as a main character that is as...
8TotallyGN score

CONIUX PS4 Stereo Headset- Review

The next headset is the CONIUX, unlike the TENRUI this is a higher level headset right out the box. The feel of it, the design and the overall presentation make this a headset to standout. The padding...
6TotallyGN score

TENURI PS4 Stereo Headset- Review

As the next generation of consoles has been around for a while it’s time to move into the new generation of gaming with new headsets. The TENURI stereo headset is one such device, this is the first PS4...
9TotallyGN score

Metro Redux – Review

Without a doubt one of my favorite and most played games of the last year has to be Metro: Last Light. I didn’t get to play the first game of this series and am very happy that the folks over at Deep Silver...