7.5Totally Gaming Score

Riptide GP Renegade- Review

Racing on the water has not been something gamers have done for a while, but after playing Riptide on phones the next stage was to move to consoles. That’s exactly what we have here, the first console outing...
Double Dragon IV
5TotallyGN Score

Double Dragon IV – Review

Double Dragon has a long and sordid history. After being initially released as an Arcade game, the series was ported to the Famicom/NES, and in many ways was it's own series apart from the Arcade versions. It...
8Totally Gaming Score

Tales of Berseria- Review

The best tales game we have reviewed. A bold statement to make right off the bat, but for the dark story and deep character progression we have to make such a declaration. Most Tales games have aspects in...
8.5TotallyGN Score

Wild Guns Reloaded – Review

Wild Guns was a third person shooter on 'rails', only the rails part worked more like a shooting gallery. Your character would move left and right, and once in position, you'd fire, and as long as the fire...
9Totally Gaming Score

Final Fantasy XV- Review

Is this the game we have been waiting for? Is Final Fantasy XV the one fans have been waiting for? In part I would say yes this is. On the other hand there have been some changes in the core gameplay that some...
8.5TotallyGN Score

Ittle Dew 2 – Review

The wait for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is making gamers both excited and anxious. At least the wait is less painful though thanks to some games like Ittle Dew 2. This game is such an improvement...