• Arc System Works is quickly cornering the market in 2D fighters, Blazblue: Chrono Phantasma Extend is the latest one out. This is basically the enhanced edition of the primary Chrono Phantasma game but with new modes, additions and a few changes too. Gamers of the series are very well at home here, controls, look and overall presentation are the same. Story wise we pick up after the events of the two previous games, there is time travel and various forms of different characters. It’s a tad difficult to follow but overall it makes sense (kind of). What I did like was that the story mode os very long and has a large RPG format.


    One of my issues with the presentation of the story mode is that its given in a graphic novel way, there is some CG but mostly it’s a bit bland. What’s worse is that when you go a bit closer zoom wise the usually beautiful manga gets grainy and the image quality decreases. Practise is the best place to begin, within this practise there is the tutorial, training and challenge modes. The tutorial is as the name suggests. There are lots of lessons to learn and this introduces new players to the core mechanics of this title. The good thing about this mode is that the characters teaching you all change and actually fully voiced. Practise lets you try out your newly learnt combos and with challenge modes giving you the final push in learning. Here you are challenged to reach various combo strings.

    Battle mode is next and boy there is a lot to cover here to, Arcade mode is the usual one. What’s cool about this is that even this mode has a slight story section to it depending on which character you pick. Versus is where you fight one on one and Ad-Hoc lets you fight local people. Score attack is where you try to get the highest combos and hence the best scores. My favourite mode is the Abyss mode, you will defeat waves of enemies while allowing your character to level up their stats. Keep going until you get to the bottom level.

    The unlimited mode is pretty much the arcade mode with very skilled AI enemies. And the Highlander assault is where you can kind of cheat and face the final boss of the arcade mode right away. Be warned however as this is tough as nails. The character rosters are really vast and each have a play style that will mesh with most players fighting styles. It’s a good thing to have so many characters but still keep the fighting clean. The controls are also very well done with the Stylish control method allowing novice players the luxury of using only a couple buttons to pull of some gorgeous combos. Graphically this is detailed manga art coming to life, during combat. During the story however it loses some of the resolution.

    The network mode is also present and during the online battles we had there was no lag or issues with matching making. Sounds and character voices are very well done and gives authentic detail to the whole package. This game has a lot of content going for it, the actual hours is vast and very much worth your cash. The only issue I have is that like all Blazblue titles there learning is curve is large. However if you practise and learn then you can and will get a lot from this title

    Blazblue: Chrono Phantasma Extend- Review
    Our Score8
    • Really detailed character art, voices are perfect
    • : Learning curve is pretty steep if you don’t practise or learn
    8Overall Score
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