• It’s been 23 years since Sonic the Hedgehog 2 released on the Sega Megadrive/Genesis, and the classic game has seen it’s fair share of ports. While it’s not exactly the milestone of a number like 25, now’s as good a time as any to get another port of the game. This version of the game isn’t 100% perfect, but it’s still a very good transition.

    The game is largely unchanged from 1992. The number of new features is a bit slight from the other 3D remastering that M2 has done recently. There’s a new Stage Select mode, which replaces the need to put in the old stage select code. Although the old stage select code, debug mode code, and Super Sonic code can still be used. Once you beat the game for the first time, a new Super Sonic Mode opens up, relieving the player of the need to play it’s absurdly difficult Special Stages to get the Chaos Emeralds to unlock Super Sonic. Those levels were terribly made, and if you are playing with Tails, he will get hit and make you lose rings. The gameplay of these segments also hasn’t been tweaked in any way. There’s also a new and hilariously easy One Ring mode where you will always survive any hit by the game making you always have one ring. Now you can’t possibly die, with the exception of drowning, being crushed, falling into a pit, or timing out.

    Despite being a good visual port with nice crisp graphics and neat but subtle 3D effects, the game is actually missing some features. For one, the two player racing levels from the original have been removed, but considering that they would look even worse on the 3DS’s small screen, they won’t be missed. It would have been nice if you could do a Knuckles mode, like the lock on setup with Sonic And Knuckles, but oh well. Another bizarre thing is that despite the game oozing with quality port work, the Sega fanfare during the splash screen is very garbled. One has to wonder how that one slipped under M2’s watch. Aside from that the game is still the game players have loved for years, and the quality of the port is otherwise very sound. If you are new to the series, it’s a nice platform to get acquainted with, and it’s the best portable version to date. At 6 bucks, it won’t break the wallet either, so if you are interested, definitely grab it.

    3D Sonic The Hedgehog 2 - Review
    A pretty polished portable version of the classic Genesis/Megadrive game, but it's not entirely perfect and has only a handful of new features.
    Our Score8.5
    • Graphics are really sharp and crisp with the 3D Effect making backgrounds stand out more.
    • Feature set not as extensive in this port.
    • Despite M2's usually consistent level of quality, the Sega Fanfare sounds garbled a bit.
    8.5Overall Score
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