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    As far as I can remember no game is a mixture of a dating simulator and a RPG, well until A.W.: Phoenix Festa. The story for this title comes from the Japanese novel entitled: The Asterisk War, the story is focused on a student which represents the Rikka academy (one of the six different academies) in a Festa (tournament) against other students that have superpowers. Now from here the story is not explained very well and it assumes you have the base knowledge of the book so for casual gamers its not easy to follow the various relationships.
    Once you start there are two options avatar wise, the games own character called Ayato Amagiri or a character that you design.

    The differences between the two are as follows: Ayato is much more powerful and hence the story is shorter due to not having the need to power up as much as a base character. The rest of the story is pretty much the same as once you have your character up to the level needed things progress very similarly to Ayato’s story arc. Since this is based on a novel the character interactions are usually scripted on screen conversations with a few options for speech.


    Most of these options are based around accepting a duel or asking a girl out. These are the two core mechanics of the game. The game then proceeds day by day until you reach the Festa event, what you do on these days is up to you. There is the option to train and increase your stats like attack and defence or increase your social interactions and hence increase the chance of getting a date with the desirable ladies of A.W.: Phoenix Festa. You can also gain a job and get that dollar for your ladies. These jobs are pretty humours at times as an example one of them is to test out the amount of punishment a doll can take.

    The next important aspect in the appointment book, basically a little black book. Your character uses this to set up dates or duels up to five days in advance. The dates themselves whilst interesting the first few times get very repetitive as there are only 3 dates on offer here. These get recycled over and over again which will drive many gamers up the wall. Combat is not bad if you like a button basher, battles are often in big arenas and have the feel of a brawler. There is a strong attack and a weak one and a special attack. There are also one on one battles and two on two ones. Battles are over very quickly and its sufficient to just hit the square attack button until victory.

    There is about 4-5 hours of game here, therefore it’s not very long. However there is some replay value to see the other girls and to collect the items on offer. There is also a gallery mode which allows you to view key events and scene and a free battle mode which lets you take on any of the story characters when you wish. Whist A.W.: Phoenix Festa is not a great game it’s also not a bad one. Graphically this is bright and the manga art style drawings really do make the game pop on the PSVita screen. The music is fine and the dialogue is delivered well (mostly). This game is very short and the dating aspect is not very inventive as there are only 3 dates to go on. Combat is simple yet satisfying and overall I did enjoy this title. Is this for non-fans? I would suspect however most casual gamers may give this a miss. Fans of the novel should buy this however as it gives you the opportunity to live out your dreams of controlling Ayato.

    A.W.: Phoenix Festa- Review
    An interesting blend of RPG and dating Sim
    Our Score6
    • Great anime graphics which pop on the PSVita screen
    • Game length is too short
    6Overall Score
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