• The guys behind the Saints Row games have bought a new game called the agents of mayhem. It would be simplistic to imply that this is the same game as the previous one, however there are similarities in the presentation and gameplay. The characters are different, the story is somewhat cliche, but overall it’s a great package that is well worth your time. The story here is a typical good versus evil, we have to stop the evil doctor from trying to take over the world. You play as the Agents of Mayhem, overall 12 characters to choose from but you can take three agents with you on any mission. Each of these characters are different, they use different weapons and they have different abilities. This is an open world game where you can steal cars drive them around, take on side quests, explore the city or move the story forward.

    Each character has a couple of specialist moves which you can employed to take the bad guys out. These range from remark control exploding grenades, I’m leashing a turret and slowing time down. The writing is what you would expect from developers, there is a lot of humor here and it’s slightly juvenile. I’m a massive fan of this kind of game because of the above two points, there is nothing like running around the city causing havoc and just having a fun time.The characters all have their various justification is for doing what they are doing and even the evil villains have their motives. I like the fact that you can switch characters on the fly which means you’re not burdened to play as one style of character through the story. You can experiment with all different characters and get to grips with the various abilities and traits. The shooting aspect is actually very fun, each character has their own health bar which depletes as you kill them. Though the aiming is off at times and it’s not to the same level as other first person shooter games, it’s slightly slower and not very precise.


    This game never takes itself too seriously and that’s one of the charms it possesses. I was always eager to explore and find new quests that progress the story. The game also has a RPG element in which you can progress your character up based on experience points. These give you access to better gadgets and abilities. You can even send out agents to do missions so they can earn money and rewards in the background of you playing the levels. Throughout my time with this game I felt like I was watching an 80s Cartoon, indeed the cut scenes look exactly like that. It gave me a good sense of the old school feel but with the new age gameplay mechanics. There are some hic ups in the slowdown of the game due to the loading screens as you move from location to location.this does slowly become annoying but never to the level of frustration. Another negative is the city at self never feels quite finished and it’s not as big as I would’ve expected it to be. Certainly not on the same level as other open world games such as the assassins Creed games or the watch dog titles.

    Agents of mayhem is a funny, explosive, fun and generally silly game. I was always excited to play more, and to progress the story to find out what my characters would do next as it often something ridiculous. Playing with the different agents on the fly and experimenting with the various skills is also another aspect I a enjoyed. I would recommend this title if you like a run and shoot game with a silly story and retro 80s cut scenes.

    Agents of Mayhem- Review
    A good open world game with a 80s cartoon theme
    Our Score7
    • A great cast of characters with depth and charm
    • Fun shooting
    • Camera angle is not great and will get you killed a few times
    7Overall Score
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