• With as many anime flavored Dynasty Warriors game Omega Force churns out, you’d be surprised that the level of quality would drop. But each game manages to do something just different enough to set it apart from the crowd, all in an effort to deliver varied experiences to suit player taste. Arslan: The Warriors of Legend is a version of the formula that almost feels most suited to be done in the style.

    The story of the game follows the anime, and has many sequences ripped from it, then making a seamless transitions into the game engine. Then the player can begin engaging in the hack and slash mayhem that the Dynasty series of games are known for. While the first couple of levels are spent dispensing the controls and functions of the game, the flow of chapter to chapter sequences is also seamless. There are no extra menus to go through to get to the next part of the game, so that’s nice. There are a multitude of goals to accomplish within a level, and the game will encourage you to complete them efficiently unlike other Dynasty games. There will be a meter telling you how long you are taking or how many enemies you’ve felled, along with the score for those categories. It also keeps the plot of the game moving by clearly defining your goalpost by use of arrows and other markers. While this does make the game feel hand-holdy, it does this mainly so players who don’t have time for the anime can just get into the story.

    Gameplay also has a few tweaks to it as well to keeps things interesting. There are things like having the ability to climb ladders, or performing Mardan Rushes, which will see you summon a contingent of super-charged warriors to mow down swaths of opposition. This also is especially true when you do them while on horseback. Mardan Rushes on horseback are often used to destroy blockades, but it’s immensely satisfying to just trample over enemy forces. The game also employs a nice little quick weapon switch combo canceling system. A support skill card system also exists that gives you passive skills based on how many capacity points you can use based on your level. You also can fuse older cards to make newer ones. This feature is nice, but it’s a bit under-utilized as you don’t really need to use them.

    If a players wants to mess about outside the story mode, there are free and online modes to engage in. The visuals and music look great, although the game is playable with only Japanese audio much like many a Dynasty game. It’s a very fun use of the engine that Omega Force has made, and any fan of either the Dynasty series, hack and slash, or medieval fantasy games with a bit of tactics to them will enjoy this title.

    Arslan: The Warriors of Legend - Review
    A fun Dynasty warriors game in the trappings of a fun medieval anime that actually has some thought put into it's story mode.
    Our Score8
    • The gameplay feels like a decent mix of both Kessen, Bladestorm and Dynasty Warriors.
    • The story mode flows from one scenario to the next without interruption, making the game feel like a grand epic.
    • The card skill support system is interesting but somewhat under-utilized.
    8Overall Score
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