• Atlus hasn’t done much in the way of publishing licensed game lately, so I was surprised to see them snag Attack on Titan: Humanity in Chains. The game is actually an enhanced version of the game that released a year ago in Japan, now with more features. But even with these new additions, there’s not a whole lot of meat to the game. Nevertheless, it’s still a fun game with what’s there.

    The game is based on the popular anime and manga of the same name. It’s about how a post-apocalyptic world has fallen victim to huge humanoid monsters called Titans who have driven humanity to the brink of extinction. Thankfully they have discovered a means of fighting back, and the soldiers use a normally impractical machine that gives them the incredible mobility necessary to strike at the Titans only weak-point. The game’s story mode cover the plot of the first season of the anime, and the missions are split between the main cast members. All of the missions have varied objectives, which is nice since it wouldn’t be too much fun just killing titans endlessly. Killing Titans is actually pretty easy if you make an effort to perform critical strikes and attack from the side or rear. Frontal assaults usually end badly for players, but if you are about to get smacked you can roll the thumb-stick to randomly slash at them while evading attacks. Pulling off critical strikes can drop a Titan in a single blow, depending on whether you have full sharpness and pull of a critical within the outer red zone. Timing for the critical strike varies depending on your overall distance from the target. Just like the show, your blades wear with use and eventually need replaced. Fuel is also important to maintain.

    The missions in story mode somewhat feel more like training for World mode, the multiplayer portion of the game which wasn’t included in the first version of the game. You get to make a character, or use a character set earned from story mode. Then you participate in missions to earn experience and money to improve your perks and fortify your defenses. It’s set up somewhat like Dynasty Warriors Conquest mode, but instead of conquest, it’s defense. Players can play cooperatively with three other players locally and online. The online portion didn’t seem to have much in the way of lag, so that’s good. The amount of experience and money earned is typically pretty low though, so the game is a bit grindy. Framerate all-around is a mostly solid 30 frames, although titans in the distance might be a bit choppy at times. Also new to this version are new weapons to fight with. More importantly than that is circle pad pro support, which needs to be turned on manually. The camera can get wonky at times, so free camera control with the second c-stick is welcome.

    If there were any wrong things about this game, it might be that the arenas are far too small to roam around in. While the 3DS does a good job emulating the feel of the series, it’s limitations are apparent in the game’s map sizes and draw distance. I just get the overwhelming feeling that the game is just a testing ground for a future game. One with the scale that it needs to be a truly more enjoyable experience. Also getting caught by a Titan while weak and alone means that you are screwed. Only the game doesn’t take mercy on you and auto-fails you. Instead, it thinks that the game is still in multiplayer mode, or that there are AI helpers still around to bail you out. So time here in these situations is wasted, unless you manually abort the mission. There’s also the issue that the 3D support is weak, or that the game lacks English dubbing. This is a small problem, because the random quotes the characters shout are not translated during the selection screen and during gameplay. But aside from these niggling issues and the other bigger ones, Attack on Titan: Humanity in Chains is a fun little game that’s likely more fun with friends. If you are a fan of the series, you’ll definitely enjoy it, but even at $30, it’s asking price might be a bit too steep for some.

    Attack on Titan: Humanity in Chains - Review
    A fun action game with a lot of replay value, but it feels like it's just a tease for a future game.
    Our Score7
    • It's really fun just to zoom around with the ODM gear.
    • If you get caught by a Titan by yourself and are weak, the game tricks you into thinking you can escape and wastes your time.
    • World Mode is a bit grindy.
    7Overall Score
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