• Birthdays the Beginning is the latest game from the Harvest Moon creator. Instead of living on a farm you are now asked to create a living, breathing ecosystem by an unknown God with the reward of being allowed to go back home. All the fans of this type of God simulator game this is a good addition to the genre, whilst it’s wildly different from the harvest moon games it does give a lot if you are willing to look for it. Gameplay at first is a little bit difficult but with practice you will be creating in no time.

    Gameplay wise you have to create life in the ecosystem, whilst you are creating you let nature take its course and different organisms and animals will appear based on the temperature of the air, the water and the moisture levels. Different animals or organisms, out depending on the different conditions. What I found was that the game does not explain all of these mechanics very well, there is a lots of things on said and you have to figure that out yourself in a trial and error method. For example increasing the temperature will allow one organism thrive whilst totally wiping out another. The main problem I had with this game was that it told me when a creature is about to go extinct but not why or how I could possibly fix it. Granted this is the challenge of the game I just found it slightly tedious until I got used to it.


    This game has three game mode, campaign, challenge and free mode. The campaign mode tells us why we got to where we are and also serves as a tutorial for the rest of the game. The challenge mode makes you create specific organisms in an allotted time in harsher environmental conditions. The free mode is where most people will play this game as this is where you will be building trying to progress and evolving creatures as well as move up the evolutionary skill tree.

    This game is very cute, it uses a bright colour palette and has a very nice charm to it. There is a sense of satisfaction and achievement from watching your organisms grow and evolve. It’s very much the same feeling you got when you played SimCity but this time it’s creatures and a whole ecosystem that you control. The music is a very chilled out, come back round song that helps you create and not feel too stressed out. Birthdays the beginning represents a very nice introduction into the genre for gamers that haven’t played this kind of game before. Calm is the word I would use quite often whilst playing this game I found myself at peace most of the time and aside from the frustrations of not being told what is happening I found a trial and error method to be an okay one.

    Overall I was pleasantly surprised by Birthdays the beginning, I found myself at peace whilst playing this there was no pressure and when one of the creatures was about to become extinct I had to actually use a lot of common sense to try and figure out what was happening. The game could’ve been a bit kinder with its explanations of the mechanics but I guess they wanted us to play more and to find out for ourselves. There is a lot of content here if you’re willing to search for it, you will be happy to play this game especially if you’re a fan of the genre and any of the work done by the creator of Harvest moon.

    Birthdays The Beginning- Review
    A pretty decent life simulator game with bright graphics and a calming soundtrack.
    Our Score8
    • Lots of content
    • Nice graphics
    • Soothing music
    • Too much trial and error
    • Not enough explanation of game mechanics
    8Overall Score
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