• The RPG genre is a tough beast to crack, so many elements are needed in a game to make it a good one. The title must please a lot of different people and hit a few fairly decent action sequences which makes the player remember it. Bound By Flame is a game that tries to please everyone, it does fall short for a lot of it but there are some positives and the overall package is not horrible. It’s a decent adventure, set in a really dark world. The graphics on the PS4 are very nicely handled and I have enjoyed the vistas and the enemy types as well as the animations. The issue lies in the story telling, voice acting and immersion factor which are not up to speed with other RPG games. Bound By Flame tries a lot but only succeeds in a few of these.

    Story wise this is your average hero with a demonic possession. Vulcan is his name and he must choose between being sucked in to the demonic side or fight what is within as well as the nasty monsters that inhabit the land. He is a member of the Freeborn Blades,  a mercenary group which is in battle from an invasion of the undead (deadwalkers). Now the cool thing is the demon within grants Vulcan the ability to use fire and this does give rise to some decent spells and abilities. Story telling is a must for all RPG games, Bound By Flame really does suffer on this front. The voice acting is woeful and the conversations that happen are very badly written. Its actually amusing sometimes when it’s not trying to be and pretty offensive other times. Sexual and crude language is aplenty here and whilst I don’t mind it I can see many turning away from this.

    Graphically this is a nice title, the kingdoms of ice shine and sparkle, whilst the caves and sewers are typically dirty, dank and murky. The lighting is really the star here as are the character animations for the monsters and undead. The various skin textures and shadows all paint a really dark, evil looking world. Some of the monsters really look great but sadly there is a lot of recycling here as well which takes some of the shine away from the graphics. Also it must be noted that on PS4 I found a lot of frame rate issues and jagged combat aspects. For me this is a mood spoiler and really should not be happening on this kind of console. The music is really good I will happily admit, the various drums and hard hitting tunes really put an exclamation mark on some of the more tedious battles.

    Combat in Bound By Flame is a bit hit and miss (pardon the pun) and whilst being able to switch stances on the fly is a welcome addition the mechanism by which some of the enemies attack and the overall patterns really hurt the flow. The combat is based around a timing and precision aspect. Some enemies have different areas of vulnerability and these must be hit with daggers, ranged attacks or just a massive onslaught of your sword. This is a tough game as well, the enemies are actually smart at times and when they knock you down they will unload on you. Good news is that you can also do the same to them. One aspect that truly is terrible is the AI companions you have, these are so tepid and downright dumb. They offer no help and are at best a distraction.

    The novel aspect here is the ability to listen to your inner demon and change into a horded, fire ridden beast or stay as the solider of good that you are. The trouble is if you choose the evil side the only thing that happens is your appearance changes and you get a few powers. The aspect of the inner demon is really underutilized here and I feel a lot more could have been done. If you go into this game wanting a Dishonored style choice system then you will be greatly let down. The player upgrade system is a good point here as its done really well, three skill trees are at your disposal and whilst on the surface the various skills are not great , they really make a big difference in the combat. Leveling up is also done slowly here but this does serve a purpose that will become apparent later on. I however really did love the ability to craft items at any time and for any situation. This greatly increased the love for loot collecting and this is the one aspect which is done to a high level RPG wise.

    The campaign is a decent length but whether you will want to play it again is debatable. Ultimately the choice to play Bound by Flame depends on your love of the fantasy world, the decent combat and the great music. On the flip side there are the frame rate issues, the terrible voice acting and script as well as the awful AI companion. This is a decent game, it’s not great and it’s not terrible, slightly above average and I would suggest you look for videos and various streams to ascertain if this is for you. There was a very apparent vision that was Bound by Flame, but I doubt that this manifestation of the game is that vision.

    Bound By Flame - Review
    A game that had a massive vision but sadly falls flat in most aspects
    • A great crafting option and nice looking graphics.
    • Terrible voice acting and story telling .
    • Frame rate issues stopped the flow of the game.
    6Overall Score
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