• When it comes to horror games on the 3DS, there are slim pickings. Pretty much all there is are the Dementium games. But that’s only if you look at the West. In Japan, there are a few more. One such game is Creeping Terror, and Aksys Games has localized it. Evoking feelings of older survival horror titles like Clock Tower, Creeping Terror manages to reproduce the experience wonderfully.

    The game starts out much like the original Clock Tower for Super Famicom. A group of teenage students go visit an abandoned mansion to film a documentary for a show that they do. But not much sooner when they get there, does trouble starts. A few tremors causes a portion of the floor to cave, and Arisa, the Japanese exchange student falls down. She finds herself in a mine shaft beneath the mansion’s foundation. It’s here that you play as Arisa.

    The gameplay then makes it apparent that this is a survival horror adventure game much like Clock Tower. The perspective is presented in a 2D style, and you have to use your phone’s light to help you see in the rather dark environment. Technically, you can see well enough to get around, but there are rocks and other obstacles that will cause you to trip if you don’t have the light on. Also to keep in mind is that your phone holds a limited charge, and will need recharging via finding chargers lying around the place. You also can and should run when you aren’t being chased by Shovel Man, since movement speed is very slow. Speaking of Shovel Man, he’s the Creeping Terror that you’ll run into while trying to find a way out and look for your friends. When they start chasing you, your Stamina activates, and your ability to run endlessly is cut, and you’ll also have to hide from Shovel Man, or throw something like a rock at him if you get cornered. Unlike Clock Tower, you have a health meter that doesn’t restore over time, and the lower it gets, the harder it’ll be to escape attacks without game overs. You’ll have to quickly mash the A button to free yourself from Shovel Man. To restore your lost stamina, you’ll have to find items like candy bars. Although there seems to be a checkpoint system that remembers the last safe zone you entered, and you also have the ability to manually save while not being chased.

    The game has a few puzzles to solve, and the presentation does evoke feelings of games like Clock Tower, especially since the game is entirely 2D, but with 3D effects on the 3DS. There is a PC version, but it has no 3D TV support. The resolution on the 3DS version isn’t the greatest, but it’s good enough, and if seen from a certain perspective, it accents the game’s atmosphere. There is a complete lack of voice acting, which is a shame to not take advantage of. Music is mostly ambient to just middling, but serviceable. The Shovel Man actually kind of reminds me of Scissor Man from Clock Tower, but with a shovel, and is dressed like Pyramid Head or the Miner from My Bloody Valentine. It’s a fun enough game for the asking price, and if you are a fan of horror games or Clock Tower, Creeping Terror is worth checking out.

    Creeping Terror - Review
    Our Score8
    • The chase sequences are tense.
    • No voice acting.
    • The game's resolution is a bit weak.
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