• It’s been some time since there was a Criminal Girls Game since the Vita re-release was localized. It was an above average game, having some problems like under-developed characters, and a basic yet interesting combat system which was attached to a bizarre, sexist mini-game. Well, now the sequel to Invite Only is here, and it’s Party Favors only seem to improve the game slightly, while forgetting to make some other accommodations.

    The story this time starts out largely the same as last time. You are an Instructor, who was whisked away from your life in the mortal realm, so that you may save the lives of young women. These girls have been chosen as they were women who were delinquents and were headed for hell, but have been given a chance at redemption to avoid such a fate. So to help reform them, you need to not only lead them to the top floor of hell while facing off against convicts, but you need them to become friends with one another, all while ‘motivating’ them with unusual punishments. Punishments that, much like the last game, are quite lewd, and would be fair to call them sexist. Although in order to get the game sold in the largest number of countries, NISA once again has edited the game down a bit, which actually causes a bit more problems in my opinion. Problems like the fact that the squealing the girls make being removed since it sounds more like moaning from sexual gratification. As a result, they girls are now more like emotionless dolls who apparently feel no pain or pleasure from these punishments. You would only be able to go by the reactions on there faces. The art for these scenes were also edited to give the girls more clothing once they get knighted. But an even bigger problem is that none of these events were designed with the PS TV in mind. This is because the later levels are designed to be played horizontally, and the game doesn’t account for that on the device, but rather for the handheld. You can play it, but with some difficulty.

    The combat is still the same random number generated dice roll from the last game, where you have the ability to use items, switch character, or go with one of four suggestions of attack that keeps combat interesting. There isn’t much improvement aside from the skills earned from the mini-games can be swapped out to fit any number of situations while making other characters more viable. But this is somewhat offset by the unbalanced difficulty of the boss fights. You are better off playing on Casual than Standard, as the HP counts and damage inflicted are to high, making battle needlessly difficult and long. You’ll have to do a lot of slow-grinding to even stand a chance, which is very tedious. Granted, even on Casual you will still have to grind, as bosses are still a bit of a headache even then.

    At least the story is more interesting this time. The girls have more backstory, and I love there interactions, even if their base personalities aren’t as interesting as the previous game. The game also plays on the ‘traitor among us’ thing earlier, so the Instructor has his hands full trying to keep the group together. The game also uses Live2d to animate them during the mini-game. It’s too bad that that wasn’t used during dialog sequences though. Instead it just uses some weird stretch filter, and the girl’s faces don’t animate while talking. But if you were a fan of the last game, this one will likely interest you a bit more. Otherwise it would be hard to recommend this to newcomers, especially with the mini-game content involved. Just be sure to play this on the Vita.

    Criminal Girls 2: Party Favors - Review
    A somewhat improved sequel despite a lack of foresight in it's design.
    Our Score7
    • There's a bit more experimentation with the battle system this time.
    • Boss-fights seem horribly imbalanced on even the Casual difficult.
    • The ridiculous mini-games return, but they weren't designed to be played on the PS TV.
    7Overall Score
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