• Once in awhile you can eat again surprises me because it’s actually very good. I played the first one of the series and the story as well as the battle mechanics hook to me. So I was very excited to be able to review the second one. I’m happy to report lots of good things have been changed while still keeping the cool of the gameplay and the storytelling aspects intact. This is still partly a graphic novel and partly a role-playing game, if you don’t like that variation this game will not be for you. Now that all those people had left let’s dive into the review.

    This time we play as a young orphan called Mai. She has been admitted to the Wordsworth women’s dormitory, We learned that her being there is not what everybody thinks. She’s actually there to find her long lost sister. all is not well in the town however. As nightmares and shadows ingulf the town at night where mishaps occur. We assume that the headmistress of the academy is behind all of these. Through plot twists make us realise just what is happening.

    As mentioned above this is partly a graphic novel game, so you’ll be reading for about an hour during the first instance until you get to actual role-playing game fighting mechanics. For me this is fine, however I can see what other people would have a problem with this. The battle mechanics have improved somewhat on the previous game you still have your three party members with all the various attacks and abilities.My favourite aspect in the previous game was a transformation into glitch mode. In this game it happens much more frequently thanks to the spawning bugs on the battlefield. The battle mechanics are the same as previous title, you input three commands and watch the enemies fly round the circle radius and you can perform your special attacks which are still as spectacular as before. All the characters to make it, is very Gloucestershire has one minute you’re playing in a team of three and the next minute you have a larger team that are available.

    One of the aspects of the gameplay that are consistent with the first game is the ability to only explore the town and fight the various nightmares during the night. During lunchtimes you have the ability to find out more about the classmates and their relationships and various justifications and back stories. taking all the aspects of van it’s clear that the developers try to improve on the previous title was keeping all the core aspects of this series alive. Graphically it has been improved a little bit and the gameplay is a lot smoother with all the fantastic special moves present. Fans of Japanese role-playing games and visual novel should definitely pick this up, more casual gamers should give this a miss.

    Death End Re;Quest 2- Review
    A solid sequel in a growing franchise
    Our score8
    • Kept the original narration aspects
    • Fun glitch transformations
    • Not for all gamers
    8Overall Score
    Reader Rating: (1 Vote)

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