• The first Demon Gaze was a fun little dungeon crawling RPG for the Vita, with emphasis on the little, since it was pretty short compared to others of it’s type. But thankfully it was successful enough not only to warrant a sequel, but also a Western localization. While the game largely hasn’t changed in terms of gameplay, the scenario and amount of content have been greatly expanded, with a few improvements made for a better experience.

    The game’s plot takes place a few years after the events of the first game, in the kingdom of Asteria. Apparently Lord Magnastar has subdued the will of the populace to satisfy his greed with the power of his Star Gaze, all so they become his obedient servants. There’s a rebel group though called the Revolutionist Party opposing him. You are a member of this group, but were captured. You manage to escape, but as a result you’ve lost your memories. In exchange, you’ve been experimented on and become a Demon Gazer. But with this new ability, you can help the rebels to regain power from Magnastar by liberating the districts from control of Magnastar’s demons, and turning them to your side. Unlike in the last game where demons were more an extra AI controlled party member with the actual members being character created, they actually form your party in this installment. While you do lose the ability to make custom characters and the freedom from choosing their classes, you do gain some much needed character development and interactions, which is a bit of something the first game lacked. The overall story is improved too, despite mostly being the same. One of the ways the sequel is improved is the larger focus on voice acting.

    Gameplay is largely unchanged from the first game. You still are looking for Demon Circles and using gems to get equipment from them while also fighting the monsters protecting them. Defeating these monsters is also still necessary to liberate these circles so you can reveal the demon controlling the area. Of course, defeating the demon gets them to join your side, and usually moves the plot forward. A few of the characters from the first game show up, but they’ve been drastically redesigned due to a new artist. Although in a certain elf’s case, he’s also been somewhat re-written. Combat still is largely the same with the basic attack, skill, item, defend, run and demonize options. But now there’s a new ability called Demon Cross which lets the Demon Gazer fuse with a demon to use the same skills as they do. Although you also get the ability to use three actions at once at the cost of a lot of SP. From my experiences with it though, it’s not particularly worth it, as your stats don’t improve all that much, and there’s a chance of failure, which renders the demon incapacitated for a few rounds. It’s only really useful as a last ditch gamble. The other new mechanic is that you can improve a demon’s Demon skills by doing maintenance, which is a touch based mini game. Basically you have to find a Demon’s sweet spot to get the best results. Leveling up the demon’s affecting level to max will result in a date event which will shed some light on that character’s personality, and gain you new powers.

    It’s very much an improved game, but with more content which is also substantive. But there are a few drawbacks. The first major drawback is the lack of cross-saving between the PS4 and Vita versions. It seems that in the Vita’s twilight, that this feature has been forgotten about. It really would have been nice to swap between the portable and console versions, but alas. Maybe there will be a Switch port in the future which will solve this for prospective buyers. But the other issue is the poor draw tables for items received from gems. It’s honestly easier to get high end equipment from the Bargain option, as the shops main inventory is perishable, and doesn’t refresh, unlike the Bargain bin. But aside from those small issues, Demon Gaze II is a great follow up to the original, and a great dungeon crawling RPG for portable and console fans. A solid recommend.

    Demon Gaze II - Review
    It's more Demon Gaze dungeon crawling RPG fun, but also now on the big screen. There's also some tweaks that improve the overall experience.
    Our Score8.5
    • The game is chock full of more content compared to the original.
    • The number of Demons to use makes up for the lack of character creation.
    • There's no cross saving feature.
    8.5Overall Score
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